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Win it! Get a Because I’m Your Dad Prize Pack! Find out how to win at the end of this post!

In a refreshing twist, Ahmet Zappa, son of music legend Frank Zappa, had a loving father and mother during a rock star lifestyle. In fact, he loved his upbringing so much, he based his children’s book Because I’m Your Dad on his “happy childhood.”

BIYDBookCoverIn a sweet tale dedicated to his daughter, the story goes through the day to day life on what will happen next, well, “because I’m your dad.” An adorable story that my 7 year old read to my twins, it’s the perfect read before bedtime that provides some giggles and ends with a sweet tuck into sleep.

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Win it! In honor of this touching tale, one lucky winner will receive:

· Monster Bowling Game

· Copy of Because I’m Your Dad

(The prize pack valued at $42! Prizing & samples courtesy of Disney/Hyperion)

To enter to win, tell us your favorite thing to do with YOUR dad when growing up in the comments below!

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  1. Randy Fordice says

    We were (and still are) huge football fans, and I remember going to Iowa games with my dad (Section R, Row 27, seats 14-15) every weekend!

  2. mommasbacon says

    My dad was a ‘picker’ and would go to garage and home sales every weekend and I would tag along. I learned how to haggle and the worth of found objects. However, not only did he purchase things, he also did restoration, so something he may pay very little for he could turn around and restore and sell for a profit. It was an interesting hobby that combined a bit of fun, history and a lot of work and love. It was fun to be part of it.

  3. Kellie O says

    Going to the beach with my dad and swimming in the ocean was my favorite thing to do with him when I was growing up!

  4. Family road trips with my dad were my favorite as a child. He was great at finding unusual site seeing attractions. So fun.

  5. Stephanie Hartman says

    I loved going to my dad’s work when i was a child, I always felt so important being the boss’ daughter and getting to explore the office.

  6. Teri Fox says

    We had a cabin in the mountains and every morning my dad and I would wake up before everyone else and go down to the lake and catch trout and then come back and make eggs and trout for breakfast.

  7. Sneak into movies

  8. Kris Powell says

    I loved getting to go to lunch, just me and my dad for my birthday. In a big family, these times with just the two of us were very special.

  9. I used to love to do everything with my dad when I was growing up. He was my idol. I was always barefoot like him and climbing trees. But I remember waking up early in the morning to help make a fire and i would make hot chocolate and he would have coffee. It was such a special time to have my dad to myself before my sisters woke up!

  10. Wow! These answers are making me tear up! Thank you for sharing!! My favorite thing to do with my dad was going to the movies… which may explain my obsession with Kids Entertainment 🙂

  11. We loved going to the Angels baseball games. Mom wasn’t there, so we got extra cracker jack and peanuts 🙂

  12. Lalita Malone says

    My dad has since passed but when I was a teenager, I loved working with him in his clothing boutique in the mall in upstate New York. I learned so much from him about merchandising, using the cash register and chatting it up with customers. I know it sounds silly that it’s about working with my dad. I see how close my daughters are with my husband now. They are only 3 and 5 years old and they do their work in the garden with their daddy. Their jobs are to pull the weeds, plant the seeds and water the flowers. They are building a great relationship with him and I love watching it. Dads are truly as important in a child’s life as a mom and I miss my daddy dearly, especially when I watch my little girls with my husband through the window in the yard. 🙂

  13. I enjoyed going to the beach with my dad. He would always take me out deeper in the water than I could brave on my own. And, he’d let my brother and I bury him in the sand. We’d always have a blast!

  14. My dad played role playing games with us, LOADS of fun there, but my MOST FAVE things to do were either Easter hunts (he was really sneaky!) or unwrapping presents at Christmas b/c he would give a clue *in code* on the present tag…like a package of audio tapes I had wanted was from S, M, TP, and JBJ (Sting, Madonna, Tom Petty, and JonBonJovi)

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