Next Up for Dreamworks Animation: Turbo and Sherman & Mr. Peabody

Turbo1shtKate from San Diego Deals & Steals fills us in on the next soon-to-be animated classics . . .

…..Hi all!  It’s Kate again!  I trust many of you Breezy Mamas have already taken your kiddos to see The Croods.  Be honest – you totally cried a little bit didn’t you?  I bet many readers are excited to hear what is coming up next from DreamWorks Animation right?

Well I am hear to share with you a sneak peek!  While I attended the blogger summit and prescreening of The Croods they also shared with us some awesome behind the scenes footage of two movies that I am also really excited to see.


First up is Turbo!  Turbo zooms into theaters July 19, 2013 and I am pretty sure you are gonna love him as much as I did.  Turbo has a dream and he teaches us that if you really follow your dreams (and if you combine that with a little radioactivity) you can totally achieve them – no matter what.  The main character Turbo dreams of racing and he practices often.  His only set back is that well….. he is a snail.   We heard the story from the directors themselves and we even got to see a clip.  This movie is obviously hilarious, but it is also encouraging and heart warming, and you really do root for Turbo!  I think this is is going to be a family hit this summer!

And a little later – early 2014 that is you can enjoy an update of a classic favorite!  Sherman & Mr Peabody is coming in 2014!  This was a favorite of mine growing up and the update looks like so much fun!  I cannot wait to see more!  Mr. Peabody & Sherman, featuring the voices of Ty Burrell (Modern Family) and Max Charles (The Three Stooges), will hit theaters March 7, 2014.


Well, that is all from me for now!  Thank you so much to Breezy Mama for letting me spend some time with all of you!  Thank you for letting me represent Breezy Mama at DreamWorks!  You ladies are all kinds of awesome!

Hope to be back soon!


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