Vitamix Ups the Ante PLUS! An Easy, Protien Packed, Smoothie Recipe

31K+w+g3DJLI recently had my first experience with a Vitamix. We had a girl’s weekend up at a friend’s house, and in the evening before bed, our host was telling us that she was going to make “yummy smoothies” for breakfast the next morning. I wrinkled my nose—I’m a bacon and eggs type of girl, and a smoothie wasn’t going to cut it. Needless to say, I woke up the next morning with a good (polite) attitude, but looked on with apprehension as out host put items like kale, chia seeds, spinach and carrots into her Vitamix. My first thought was, “How am I going to drink that?” while my second thought was, “How is that mixer going to puree a WHOLE carrot?” Boy was I in for a surprise.

Not only were the items blended into a smooth drink, but it was tasty—more than tasty—delicious. I had not one smoothie, but two, and it has changed my mornings. From that day on, instead of having the aforementioned bacon and eggs, I’ve been waking up and making myself a smoothie and loving it. But this was my problem—I have a Magic Bullet which simply wasn’t cutting it. If I want to get into the smoothie big games, I need the right equipment.

So, I wrote Vitamix a proposal and the smoothie gods must have been looking down on me that day, because I now have the totally awesome Vitamix 5200 with variable speed control (allowing for flexibility and creativity), high speed setting (allows for maximum processing, especially for thicker ingredients and larger recipes) and powerful 2 peak output horsepower motor (propels the blade tip speed up to 240mph (!!!!) to blend even the toughest ingredients). And, to make it even sweeter, the container is BPA free and shatterproof!

The day after it landed on my doorstep, I tried my normal smoothie—easy, tasty, delicious. Never, ever, would I have thought the Vitamix could have made it even tastier. But tastier it was. It sounds weird, but the smoothie was blended so much better, which melded the flavors even more.

I’ve had the Vitamix for a week, and each day it’s been more and more fun to think of new and creative recipes. No matter what I throw in it, I get back a wonderful, tasty, smooooooth drink . . . it’s been awesome. The great thing about it is that I can now make smoothies for everyone in the family at once (with the Magic Bullet they were made one by one) and I can load it up with the greens. Since the blender is so tall, you can pack the veggies and fruit in. Though I haven’t tried it for other uses (YET), the big container will make it really easy to make soups, sauces, etc. I’ve heard the Vitamix tortilla soup is amazing, and I can’t wait to try it.

I’m so, completely, 100%, stoked on the Vitamix, I’m going to be posting one recipe a month, starting with my super easy, newbie, smoothie–Enjoy!

(And in the meantime, click here to get your own Vitamix 5200!)

Serves 1


  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup coconut almond milk (you can use just coconut or almond milk as well, but I love the two combined)
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 4 ice cubes


  • Put all into blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


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  1. Glad you are enjoying it! We LOVE our Vitamix and tortilla soup is one of our favorites!!!

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