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Let me start by saying that yesterday I spent my Sunday being barfed on by one of my two year old twins in a crowded restaurant at breakfast with my whole family. Naturally, we got her home and both of us changed clothes, but she wanted me to hold her throughout most of the remainder of the day. Nine years into this motherhood thing, I still love that feeling that I can provide comfort to someone just by getting to cuddle with them. So, I just put on some old clothes, braced myself and endured two more rounds of being barfed on. That’s how I roll. Today, I’m in Los Angeles at an event for NBC Universal and soon found myself face to face with style icon Rachel Zoe who not only has her own Bravo TV Show, but is now producing a new show, Resale Royalty, for the Style Network about the success of a Women’s Closet Exchange started by Sue McCarthy that I’m excited to check out. Meanwhile, Breezy Mama managed to get one question answered by Rachel about style mistakes moms make before she was whisked off. After my day yesterday, you may have a chuckle with her answer, but I promise I have now showered. Plus! The fun question about her son’s style that the person next to me asked.

What are some common style mistakes moms make?

I think that they immediately embrace the fact that they are a mom, which is fine, on most levels, but I don’t think that has to mean “Okay, I don’t have to shower every day, I don’t have to brush my hair, I don’t have to put lipstick on…” because I actually think quite the opposite. I think you become a mom and you say, “Okay, I still have it and I still need to feel pretty. And I still need to feel good about myself.” I don’t think women should stop trying.

article-2186845-147CD1FE000005DC-10_634x827Can we talk about your son’s style?

I think that speaks for itself. He has a mother obsessed with fashion [laughs].

Do you let him pick out his own clothes?

He has started to pick out his own clothes, but that’s more because he just turned two and I want him to have his independence. So, I lay out things and let him pick out which ones. It’s really cute.

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  1. I seriously love Rachel Zoe! Obsessed with her show and her boho chic style. Now I am completely jealous you got to meet her! BA-NANAS!

  2. I love her answer on how we still need to spruce ourselves up. It’s so tempting to get in the “sweats rut”!

  3. I love her, too! I die! Lol!

  4. I wish I had her with me at all times to remind me of that “rut” -lol.


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