Date Night Movie Review: Admission


By now, you’ve likely figured out that I am a HUGE Tina Fey fan. In fact, few words can describe what an honor it was for me to meet the star of the upcoming movie Admission that opens this Friday, March 22, 2013. But should YOU see the film? If you are planning a light hearted date night or even a fun “moms” night out, then I say, yes, absolutely!

Also, starring Paul Rudd, the movies explores the life of Fey’s character as she slowly starts to unravel in her love life, which then leads a decline in her job as a Princeton admissions officer with the fate of future college hopefuls lying in her hands.

When she visits an alternative high school, led by Paul Rudd’s character, sparks fly and more chaos and confusion ensue.

During my Tina Fey interview, I just had to ask about working with Lily Tomlin who plays her mom and is absolutely hilarious! And of course Fey and Rudd are fantastic and make quite the onscreen pair, so much so, that I expect to see them together again.

Though the movie is uneven at times, overall I thought it was a whole lot of fun and a great popcorn movie (meaning: lighthearted date night).

Remember to catch Tina, Paul and Lily this Friday, March 22… and save some popcorn for me!

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