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There was a moment one day where I thought I might sneak in a nap before heading off to pick up the kids from school. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I could only focus on how much I needed to get done and began checking email on my phone. In fact, one could argue that I actually may have been dreaming when I received an email from Alex that read, “ARE YOU GOING?”

As I scrolled down, I could NOT believe my eyes: an invitation to be sent to New York, stay at the famous Waldorf, see a screening of Admission in Times Square and…. interview TINA FEY!!!!!!!

After a quick check of the calendar and jumping up and down as I told my husband, the answer was: Yes, I’m going!

And Tina did NOT disappoint! If it’s possible to be an even bigger fan of the uber hilarious actress, Saturday Night Live vet, 30 Rock creator, author, killer Sarah Palin impersonator and greatest awards show host ever after actually getting to meet her, then yes, I am! And I should add that the deal was sweetened by having Paul Rudd and Director Paul Weitz in the room with “mom” bloggers to discuss the very cute and funny (boy, was I relieved I loved it!) Admission, about the straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan (Fey) making a recruiting visit to an alternative high school headed by her former college classmate, the freewheeling John Pressman (Rudd).

As a mother of two daughters ages 1 and 6, Breezy Mama learned Tina Fey’s REAL opinion on mom blogs, parenting books and more. Here’s what went down:

Breezy Mama: I was wondering…

Moderator: Please wait until you have the microphone.

Breezy Mama: Um, okay [handed mic]. This is intimidating [room laughs]…

Moderator: Please state your name and where you’re from.

Breezy Mama: Chelsea Gladden from Breezy Mama. Tina, I have a question for you — what was it like to work with Lily Tomlin. The scenes with her were really fun.

Tina: Oh, thank you. It was so great. I was so star struck to be meeting her let alone trying to act opposite of her. But she was so warm and so into doing everything fully and doing it right. In almost every scene Lily has something physical she’s doing, something really complicated. In our first scene she’s putting together this bike and she’s like, “I have to really do this.” Which, I don’t know if you have ever tried to assemble a bike, but I’d rather jump off a bridge. Meanwhile, she’s really doing it while she’s doing her dialogue and she’s incredible.

Then the scene where she’s making sausage… for real. And she’s so electric and if there’s any change [during] a take you can feel her take it in and be excited by it. She’s just so great.

Breezy Mama: Did you ever lose it? As in, were you ever cracking up with her… I mean the [scene with the] boob thing…

Tina: [laughs] The boob thing was pretty funny. No, that kind of thing you just think that you don’t want to crack up because you don’t want to blow it if the takes really good. I don’t want to wreck this take by laughing over it… particularly [in the scene] when she comes out and his shooting at Paul.

Style Substance Soul:. I was wondering what you learned [from the movie] about getting your kids into Princeton when they’re of age.

Well, hopefully what we learned is [sarcastic voice] it doesn’t matter if they get into Princeton. Maybe they will do well in the army.

Paul Rudd: What if they don’t get into the army? [Room laughs].

Macaroni Kid: I’m going through the Kindergarten admissions process right now so this movie was close to my heart. I was wondering, do you think it’s harder to get into Princeton or into New York Kindergarten?

Tina: I think it’s harder to get into New York City Kindergarten for sure. There’s so many kids living on this island and, also, how can you possibly evaluate a 5 year old? What if you take them that day and they have to poop? It’s like, it’s over.

downloadCafé Mom: There was a scene in the movie where you are looking into parenting books… are there books you read?

Tina: I think when your kids are really little, you think, “All right. I’m going to read, ‘What to Expect,’ and I would get into a rut, I would still be treating the 11 month old as the routine I set up at 6 months old.. I mean they change so much.

Paul Weitz: Just when you think you have those techniques down, the damn kids gets older…

Gay NYC Dad: Do your movie roles as a parent ever affect your own parenting?

Paul Rudd: I remember when I was going to have my first child – my son is now 8 – I was nervous about having a kid, like everyone is. Even though I was excited, there’s so many unknowns, as there are. And I remember someone said to me, “A child will adapt to your life… you don’t need to adapt to the child’s life” [room laughs] … Tina laughed when I brought that up… So, I thought, that’s great! I like that. I remember for the first few months, when we wanted to go to dinner, we took our kid. I think my character has that in spades [laughs]. He’s trying to will that to be true. And I think in my own life, I started to think, you know what? I think I need to adapt my own life because I want what’s best for my child. And that’s what this character is kind of realizing, too.

Pop Sugar Mom: On the final 30 Rock, you were visiting parent chat rooms. I was wondering if that’s something you do in real life?

Breezy Mama: [laughs] Gothammoms.com [the site name on 30 Rock].

Tina: I don’t know how to post on those sites, but I’ve seen people on there pretending to be me on Urban Baby. I had a friend call me and ask if I was on Urban Baby… I said no because I didn’t know what that was. But I do think some of them…[under breath] Urban Baby specifically, have some of the worst human behavior ever [room laughs].

Paul Weitz: [Joking] Is anyone here from Urban Baby?

Tina: [Deadpans] There’s no one running Urban Baby or they would fix it [room laughs].

Also, someone on Urban Baby once called me a ‘wide load’. Although not inaccurate, it did not seem necessary [room laughs].

Paul Rudd: REALLY?!

Watch a preview of Admission here:

Don’t miss more Tina Fey, Paul Rudd and the hilarious scenes we discussed when Admission hits theaters everywhere on Friday, March 22, 2013! For more info, visit the Admission official site.

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