Just for Expectant Moms and Newborns: A Few of My Favorite Things

2011-12-14 Valen 076

Baby Valen

When Breezy Mama Beth got pregnant, she and her husband couldn’t have been happier. They had been waiting a long time for this, and they couldn’t be more excited to welcome their new addition. Their baby, was pretty excited too, because he arrived early, at 28 weeks, 2 days and weighing a mere 2 lbs 12 oz. Named Valen, he stayed in the NICU for the next three months, and grew stronger and stronger as each day passed. When Beth and her husband, Brandon, were finally able to bring Valen home, they settled into family life, and got to know one another, outside of the hospital. Happy, yet nervous of having their newborn home without nurses to help, Beth looks back and remembers some of her favorite must-have items that made life a whole lot easier.


Motorola Digital Video Monitor
The image/video quality and sound are great. The camera can be moved remotely and it does not make any noise. The monitor reads the temperature in the room, has great range and no interference. There is a microphone so you could actually speak to someone (like the baby) in the room but I hit the button once without saying a word and it startled the baby so I try not to use this feature. The only things missing are a time display and a clip. $239.97.
Click here to buy.


Boppy Pillow (waterproof cover plus 2 covers so 1 is always clean)
I use the boppy pillow for breastfeeding and to prop up the baby post-feeding (to minimize reflux or spit up) and as a cozy lounge area (with a blanket under him to keep him propped up).  I also use it for a modified tummy time with his body propped up on pillow. It is a great tool for mom AND baby!
Click here for Pillow, $29.98.
Click here for Waterproof cover, $10.98.


Gerber ORGANIC Diapers (for burb cloths – they are the softest)
I have a number of cloth diapers that I use as burp cloths and the BEST by far are the Gerber’s ORGANIC Diapers. NOT the regular Gerber cloth diapers – those are too stiff. The organic diapers have a gauzy feel and are simply the best for wiping milk off of the baby’s face (and head, neck, clothing, boppy, etc.) $9.95. Click here to buy.


Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (the softest for baby plus wetness indicator)
When I asked my friends which diapers I should buy for the baby, they said “try a few out and see what you/baby like!” Well, I thought that was a pretty lame response because entering the diaper world can be pretty overwhelming for a newbie. After trying a few, the Pampers Swaddlers are the softest for baby AND they also have a wetness indicator (a yellow stripe that turns blue) which makes checking a “light” diaper easy – you don’t even have to open the diaper! Side note – I spoke with a nurse that shared anecdotally that every baby she has seen in the brown “organic” diapers had diaper rash. Poor babies… Prices vary, click here to buy.


BOB Stroller (any BOB stroller will do) – I have the Sport Utility model with GREAT suspension and super smooth ride with a fixed front wheel so more challenging to steer but perfect for walking/jogging. It is large, so not ideal for travel but works perfectly to leave my garage on a long walk. The handlebar console is a must have for easy access to your water, phone, keys, hand wipes, dog poo bags, etc.
Single:  $288.09. Click here to buy.

Car seat adapter (check BOB’s website to confirm compatibility): $38.71. Click here to buy.

Handlebar console: $24.95. Click here to buy.


Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Carseat – good consumer report reviews AND compatible with BOB strollers. Easy to get baby in/out and easy to set up in car. $189.99. Click here to buy.


Cloud B Turtle Constellation Night Light
The moment we turn this night light on (choice of amber, blue or green light) and the stars hit the wall/ceiling, the mood in the room becomes calm and soothing. And it comes in a ladybug version that is adorable. $28.21. Click here to buy.


Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine – we use the heartbeat sound for nighttime sleeping and the soft jungle noises for daytime naps. It attaches to crib or carseat with velcro loop, so you can also travel with it. We took it on our first weekend away and it made the hotel room feel like home. $22.26. Click here to buy.

They also have a gift set with the smaller version for $39.95. Click here to buy.

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