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One of my favorite things about “girls night” with my long time (and I’m talking 30+ years) besties is walking away with new product recommendations. This got me wondering: what if Breezy Mama put it out there to SEVERAL moms — what beauty products are they loving, why and do they make the getting ready process easier? Here are the top 30 responses (out of 100’s!!) broken down by categories from shampoo to lip balm and everything in between!

*Favorite Secret Quick Fixes*

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller — This eye product rolls right on, it covers things up, it nourishes, it’s anti-aging, and it doesn’t require precision! Exactly what any mom, especially us older ones, or busy woman needs. If there’s no time or inclination for anything else, this is
the one product my face can go furthest with.” — Anonymous

“My favorite beauty product is MAC Fix Plus. It is a spray that reduces puffiness, hydrates, and helps moisturizer and foundation adhere to the skin. I’ve even caught my husband using it every time he shaves! It is definitely one of those desert island products that I cannot live without.” — Shannon, Co-founder of Lasting Luxe Hair and Makeup Company, www.lastingluxe.com

*Best for the lips*

“I am in love with the super-cheap Cover Girl lip stains. They kind of remind me of old-school markers but they are forgiving and easy to use. When I have a crazy morning and I can barely get my kids out the door, I throw on some lip stain, don some big sunglasses, wrap my hair in a bun, and I am on my way. The lips look decent, who is to say that the rest of the face isn’t decent too?” — Carolyn, Owner, carolynsmuts.com

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss (in a tube) in Crystal. This clear lip gloss is in every purse, handbag, and tote bag I own. I keep it in the car as well. It will stay on for hours of meetings, patient visits and also will stay on for long runs and workouts.” — Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, www.bfflco.com

Bare Minerals Moxie Lipgloss. This lipgloss contains mint that makes your lips tingle, provides a killer shine and lasts longer than any other lipgloss I have ever tried. They come in a ton of different shades, including Show Off, which is my favorite and one tube lasts forever.” — Kathleen, Tallahassee, LifeWith4Boys.com

Pure Lanolin: I discovered (Lansinoh) pure lanolin when I was nursing my three kids (moms know what I mean). Now I use just a dab every night as a lip-balm before going to sleep. It stays on all night and my lips are soft all the time. Love that stuff.” —Sharon Schneider, Co-founder and CEO of Upscale Resale site www.MoxieJean.com

“In the bottom of every purse and in all my coat pockets you’ll find a tube of Buxom Lips by Bare Essentials (available at Sephora). I buy it in every color I can get my hands on because of its great pigment that gives a pop of color, but it isn’t *so* pigmented that you have to use a mirror to put
it on- which I consider a blessing when applying makeup in the car on the run. It also has an invigorating minty plumping action that adds to a perfect pout. My go-to product that I can’t rave enough about!” — Megan, Founder of TheBeautySnoop.com

“I tend to get dry lips and I absolutely cannot live without Cherry Chapstick. I have tubes of it scattered everywhere-bedroom, living room, car, pockets. It is heaven in a tube and always keeps my lips soft and moist.” — MegGiffen, The Fresh Diet, www.thefreshdiet.com

keragreen-lineup*Best for hair care*

“Organic shampoo with keratin named KeraGreen– it makes hair feel thicker but the conditioner and oil are absolutely amazing to shine hair and get rid of frizzy looking, dried/damaged out hair.The company also offers organic hair dye and it works without all the smells and toxins.” — Nancy Guberti, MS, CN at nancyguberti.com

“I’m the co-founder of Fix Beauty Bar, a blowout and nail bar, in NYC. My favorite beauty product is Alterna’s Anti-aging caviar dry shampoo. I have no connection to Alterna other than we tried a range of dry shampoos when we opened Fix and found this one to be the absolute best
so it’s the one we carry at our salon. My business partner and I are
both moms, with 5 kids between us, and when we don’t have time to wash
our hair we love this dry shampoo.” — Karol, www.fixbeautybar.com

Rahua is my new favorite shampoo. Finally, a sulfate-free shampoo I really love!” –-Becky Sturm, CEO/Founder, StormSister Spatique, www.stormsister.biz

“As busy mom, I love and rely on AVEDA Pure Abundance Hair Potion. It’s like magic dust! Sprinkle a small amount at the roots of your hair and voila… lift and volume! It’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before. Best of all, it’s perfect for second day hair when a ponytail won’t do. It helps absorb excess oil and brings your hair (and style) right back to life.” –-Kim Nimsgern, founder of Click n Curl, click-n-curl.com

*Best Foundation/ Face Powder*

“My new fave is Super BB POWDER from Physician’s Formula. (Not as crazy about the cream, but this powder rocks!). This BB Powder comes in the form of a pressed powder, but gives the most amazing coverage and wear. It is perfect for on the go mom’s like me. When I don’t have time to do full make-up but want to look put together I just swipe some on and go.” –– Jen Mooresville, NC @JennyThinking

Faerie Organic Foundation! I loooove this stuff. I happened upon their site when I was looking for mineral makeup alternatives to Bare Essentials as I have sensitive skin and was concerned about the bismuth oxide in Bare Essentials. It applies just like Bare Essentials- you swirl, tap and buff and it really makes my skin look and feel great. I don’t have a lot of time to apply makeup, so this does the trick in a matter of minutes. They also have a wider variety of shades than other mineral makeup brands- and you can even get a little sampler kit of shades in your tone so you can find your perfect match.” — Petrina, Apex NC, owner of PetrinaHammFitness.com

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation by *MAC* – I have tried every foundation under the sun and this is the only product that can cover any flaws, matches my skin tone perfectly, and will not have me looking like a buttered biscuit by the afternoon!” — Ursula Reynolds, Founder & Designer of U.Breyn, www.ubreyn.com

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15* is perfect for my skin because it provides full coverage with minimal make up and does not make my skin oily. For moms on the go that have limited time to apply makeup, this is a solution for blemishes, dark circles around the eyes, and just an overall
smooth finish in minutes.” — Jessica McClarty, Young Faces Smiling

*Best Moisturizer*

“I can’t live without Neutrogena cleanser and moisturizer with SPF 15. When I was 13, I took a trip to Thailand and the smog was so bad until I suffered from the worst break out of my young life. My dad bought me some Neutrogena products and my face cleared up. Fast forward 22 years and people think I look like I’m in my mid twenties instead of 35. I exfoliate on a regular basis to remove any dead skin cells and keep my skin hydrated to manage wrinkles. I have tried other products, even more expensive products, through the years but I always come back to Neutrogena because it is a great value for the price.” –– LaKesha S. Womack, Author, Success Secrets for the Young and Fabulous, LaKeshaWomack.com

Keihl’s ‘oil free sodium pca. As a NYC based fashion stylist ( and busy mom ) I love a product that lasts all day!” — Hillary, www.hillarycooperstylist.com

“I am obsessed with Skin79 Beauty Balm (BB cream). It is an Asian beauty routine staple. I was looking for a tinted moisturizer that would speed up my mornings. I’ve tried many American versions of BB creams and was so disappointed. Then I came across Skin79 through YouTube and thought I’d give it a go. And am so happy I did. The coverage is amazing yet light, it moisturizes and contains SPF. I throw a little concealer under my eyes and a light dusting of powder, and away I
go!” — Kate, HalloweenCostumes.com

“LOVE LOVE LOVE BB CREAMS!! There are various formulations out there so make sure you pick the right one for your skin type. Mine is by Clinique BB Cream and it has sunscreen,moisturizer, a little tint to conceal, a brightener, and moisturizes my dry skin. BB Creams saves me so much time in the morning, I can maybe spend a little bit more time on my eye make-up!” — Fanny Woo, Beauty and Wardrobe Stylist with Urban Darling, www.urbandarling.com

“I’d like to suggest CERAVE. It’s a drugstore moisturizer that was recommended to me by a esthetician that does a lot of research about products, ingredients, additives, etc. For those with sensitive skin, it’s terrific. I use it myself, and love that it is so affordable.” — Jackie, www.nutrifitonline.com

images*Favorite facial cleanser*

Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant. This powdered formula is gentle enough for daily use but packs enough power to keep renewing the skin. I recently moved abroad with a nine month old and life is busy. Daily exfoliation buys me time between facials. This is a must have for every mom with a jam packed schedule and little time for beautification.” — Tamara, Creator of The Global Gazette

Oat Facial Polish by Naturopathica is the ONLY facial cleanser AND exfoliant that claims it is for ALL SKIN TYPES, really IS for all skin types. It’s soothing, lightly scented oat with tiny jojoba exfoliating beads gently sweep away dry, flaky skin, removing impurities and leaving your skin feeling soft and radiant!” –Debbie, Owner/Licensed Esthetician, www.facialslakeoswego.com

Dirty Knee Soap is the perfect soap for everyone in the family. Bare Naked (love the name and simple packaging) has no scent at all and is perfect for your babies and my grand babies. And those that cannot tolerate smell. I, however, prefer Minnesota Wood with dark charcoal laced in a bar of natural tan. It is said to eliminate impurities – it looks good, feels great on my skin, and smells divine. These soaps are free of chemicals and funky color, and made in the USA. What’s not to love.” — Nancy Ballard, NJBallard Founder/President, www.roomsthatrock4chemo.US

Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes. These wipes are great because they
cleanse, tone, moisturize, and get rid of eye makeup all in one shot. Being
a mom and business woman, I am always exhausted at the end the night and
don’t feel like putting energy into taking off makeup. This product makes
it easy. (And no stained washcloths from my mascara!)” — Kathrine, Wardrobe Stylist with Urban Darling, www.urbandarling.com/kathrine

*Favorites for the eyes*

Winks by Georgie False Lashes- I live in these lashes for evenings out. They are so easy to apply, comfortable, look natural and make your eyes look amazing. They are made of all natural stuff and PETA approved (even the glue) so they don’t irritate my eyes like other false lashes. Plus, I am so not dexterous with my hands and even I can apply the lashes.” — Lori Riviere, www.shortcutstofabulous.com

“The eyebrow liner pencil by M·A·C cosmetics. M·A·C’s brow lining pencils are mechanical, so they roll up with each use which means no manual sharpening is required, and no guess work as to how thin the point should be.” — Danna Norek, Owner of AuraSensory.com

“LOVE Cover Girl’s Perfect Point Plus eye liner. So easy to use, stays on, and no sharpener needed. Creamy consistency….not too hard and not too soft. Great color and the price is right, too.” — Kendra, Founder of PortaPocket…by Undercover Solutions, LLC, www.portapocket.com

Lancome HypnoseDoll Lashes Mascara WITH CILS Booster XL Mascara base.” –Tracee Sioux, The Girl Revolution Authentic Power Coach, thegirlrevolution.com/coaching

Benefit Badgal Lash: Thick black mascara that thickens and adds depth to lashes.” — Celebrity makeup artist Marissa Machado, everything-glam.onsugar.com

*Do YOU have a favorite beauty product? Please share with us in the comments!*


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  1. Thanks for featuring me! I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other products listed!

  2. Totally agree on the BB cream! Everything I need in one tube, no need for three layers…
    To my Urban Darlings:
    Fanny Woo, I tried the Clinique cream as well, wasn’t the right one for me; I am using Estée Lauder, love how it feels on my skin. & Kathrine, go wipes!!! Haven’t tried the ones you are recommending, yet, but I am very pleased with my Neutrogena wipes (baby blue package 🙂 ).

  3. You ended up with a great list here! Thanks for mentioning my fave! Looking forward to searching out some of the other products mentioned!

  4. Thank you all for your picks! There are so many great ones I want to try!

  5. thank you thank you THANK YOU for this!! I know NOTHING about makeup and/or beauty products. So I RARELY venture to try anything new. Some of you picks are product brands I already use, so I’m excited to try some of the others you’ve listed here.

  6. Thanks for included my favorite organic hair care product. Great article and looking forward to trying the other products.

  7. Thanks for including my pic Chelsea !
    I really do love the Keihl’s sodium pca oil-free moisturizer !!

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