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honestWhen Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company first came out, Maria (you may know her as our Etsy guru) couldn’t stop talking about it. I finally told her that she needed to put all the reasons why it’s fabulous down in writing, so she could spread the word to Breezy readers. Maria fills us in. . .

After my 10-month stint cloth diapering my now 15-month old, Taryn, I was once again on the hunt for a disposable diaper free of chemicals, biodegradable, fit great, and looked and felt good.  The reason I decided to take the cloth diapering route in the first place was to avoid all of the chemicals that were used to make conventional diapers.  However, finding all of my criteria was a lot to ask for in the disposable diaper world.  Many of the more natural brands felt and looked like paper and were poor fitting.  I also found they were very hard to find since most of them have to be imported, also making them much more expensive.

So while I was weaning Taryn from cloth, Jessica Alba was on the road promoting her new line of diapers and family essentials bundles.  Her reasons were that she, too, couldn’t find diapers and everyday household products that were safe for our children and convenient to get.  After watching a few interviews, I decided to be one of the first to give it a try.

I began with the Diaper Bundle ($80), which is a month’s supply of diapers in your choice of size and wipes.  When the box came I was immediately impressed.  The packaging was beautiful, clean and modern.  The diapers were incredibly soft with a beautiful bright print of your choice-sweets, skulls, stars, anchors, etc..  It fit Taryn well and the packaging reminded me that their plant-based diapers contained a reduced amount of SAP gel and none of the chemicals conventional diapers used.  I was so excited to get them on her!

After the first 12-hour night I found Taryn’s diaper to be very full.  (She’s been really excited about drinking water out of a cup!)  She needed to be changed immediately before a blow-out.  On the other hand, the diaper held its shape and still fit her well while being very full and she was only lightly damp, which is to be expected after wearing so long.  Daytime wear was great too since it held up to her busy activities and crawling around.

My next order then included the Family Essentials Bundle ($35.95), which is your choice of 5 items from their line of household cleaners.  My favorites, so far, is the multi-surface cleaner, body lotion and shampoo and body wash.  I use the surface cleaner everywhere in the house because it cleans well and has a light grapefruit scent that is not overpowering.  I love using the wash and lotion on the girls because, again, it’s not perfume-y and leaves their skin soft with no residue.

Needless to say, I am addicted!

Thank you so much Jessica and team for bringing us these great products!  I can’t wait to see your product line grow!

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