Hot Style Trends From the Streets of New York


Last week Breezy Mama braved blizzard Nemo in New York for a screening of Admission and to interview Tina Fey (more on THAT coming soon!). As I walked the streets of the “concrete jungle,” I couldn’t help but take note of the styles I saw… and will of course be copying.

For starters, a few times I saw the blazer over a graphic tee look.


Similar to the look above, I’m also loving the new look of adding a printed blazer, like a striped one, or the look in more casual form like the photo below:

Picture 1

For more styles and ideas in affordable form, visit H&M here.

image_xlimage_2010_02_R6503_Ugg_BootsBelieve it or not (and I could not), there were a lot of Ugg boots! Of course this is perfectly normal in San Diego, but walking around in the Big Apple snow? Made me giggle… and yet somewhat relieved to know that mine are still considered stylish.

To check out more styles, visit: Ugg boots

Hands down my absolute favorite look was faded cropped leggings, paired with converse and no socks… love! Check out the look above in the photo at the very top with Sarah Jessica Parker or again here:


Or get a little more funky with it, like this photo from


Whether you can visit the streets of New York soon or not, at least now you will be as stylish! And the best part? All these looks can be found at The Gap, Old Navy and H&M… in other words, you can get them for cheap! Happy shopping!

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  1. Love it! Gives me an excuse to buy yet another pair of skinny jeans!

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