Sexy Outfits for Little Girls? Plus – Slumber Party Gone Wrong


This morning Breezy Mama got to participate in the “Ask the Moms” panel again on Fox 5 San Diego and the topics were great ones! For starters, with the new trend of young girls clothes being sexier and sexier — what are YOUR thoughts? Well, we had plenty to say in the segment.

Also, a grandma hosted a sleepover for her grandson and his friends only to kick them out at 4am and send them walking home in 20 degree weather. Seem right to you? Find out our thoughts on THAT topic. too.

To watch the lively discussions on these parenting related topics, click on the video below:

If the above link does not work, click here!

Want more? Don’t miss our second segment of this morning when we discussed tips for easing the morning routine, ending thumb sucking in older children and when to introduce letters and numbers for preschoolers. Click here!


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  1. I TOTALLY agree! My daughter is SIX and the ‘fancy’ stuff she wants is down right ‘sexy’ – she wants the cute heels and I just think it is so inappropriate! I could not believe some of the halloween costumes of other kindergartners in her class! We kinda joke that we are just one step away from packing it up and moving to Amish country! 😉

  2. Wow – 6 is so young! Very interesting to discuss today — thank you for your feedback, Kate!

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