3 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe, Clean and Germ-free

I’ve always been a fan of Arm & Hammer baking soda for household cleaning and deodorizing, so I was interested to try out these three products from Munchkin.

1. First off were the 5 pack of small Nursery Fresheners, Citrus Scent. I am very sensitive to strong scents (almost allergic) from cleaning products and strong smelling air fresheners, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that these were very mild. I placed a couple in the nursery and a couple near the cat litter boxes :). They work well in small places, and the fragrance smells very nice, but don’t count on them deodorizing a whole room if it has gotten stinky. Also, I’d rather that the plastic disc was refillable since after the scent wears off, the whole round disc has to go in the trash.

The package I received didn’t come with any brackets or holder, but I did find this other product on Amazon that would be helpful if you don’t already have a diaper pail or potty seat with a bracket here.

Purchase the 5 pack of nursery fresheners here.

2. Next up are the Munchkin Pacifier Wipes which use Arm & Hammer baking soda to safely clean pacifiers, bottles, teething toys, etc. without the use of alcohol or other harsh chemicals. The package states it is 100% food grade, so I feel okay using these when out and about and my baby drops his pacifier. Just wipe clean and air dry. I have also used the wipes to clean off toys that aren’t dishwasher or washing machine safe. And, now that my baby is sucking on his hands non-stop, it is nice to have something to wipe off his hands (in a pinch) if he touches the changing table while we are out. It is a great addition to any diaper bag since the package reseals nicely!

To purchase — click here

3. Lastly, I tried out the Nursery Surface Wipes, 50 ct. These are great to clean off changing stations, shopping carts, etc. Also, I have been using them to clean off my infant carrier and stroller after traveling or even a trip to the mall. They are also alcohol free and don’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances. The larger dispenser keeps the wipes moist, but sometimes it is a little challenging to get the wipe to tear out of the canister (need two hands!). The smaller size is great for diaper bag.

To purchase the 50 ct. click here.

Also check out Munchkin’s great baby proofing products:

– XtraGuard™ Safety Lock Plug Covers: Equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, the no-grip form of these covers can be unlocked with an edged-tool, such as a coin

– XtraGuard™ Dual Locking Appliance Latch: Secures drawers, cabinets and appliances with a locking-indicator and three custom settings

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In her free time, besides guest writing for Breezy Mama ;), Kristen enjoys volunteering and fundraising for various organizations including run for her, Alzheimer’s Association, Northern California Chapter, Heal the Bay and is Vice President of the American Cetacean Society, Los Angeles Chapter.

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