Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style Luxury Mansion

WIN!! One lucky Breezy Mama reader will win a Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style Luxury Mansion of their own. See details at bottom of the post.

When I was little, I had to have the Barbie Dream House. HAD TO HAVE IT. And when I finally did get my little paws on it, I played with it all the time. So much so, that when I outgrew it, my mom packed it up to save it for me to give to my own little girl. Since I do have a daughter, who just turned 4, that day is quickly approaching. But, I hesitate on giving it to her because it takes up so much space. In my 1,000 square foot house in which my son and daughter share a room, I just don’t see where the Dream House can fit in. And then I received the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style Luxury Mansion.

I was so excited to have my daughter try this out because it has all the beauty of a doll house (down to the toilet, which my daughter thought was the most hilarious thing ever) but you can take it apart. So when you need to save on space, it can be taken down. Or, just broken into smaller pieces. The rooms are interchangeable, so the creativity is free flowing–you can even build the house three separate ways. When we built it together, my daughter couldn’t get enough of the details, not only is there the aforementioned toilet, but there are flowers in the flower boxes, a chandelier, a television, a stove–you name it. With a mix of the construction bricks and stickers, every last portion of the house is outfitted.


·         The Barbie fabulous luxury mansion with eight buildable rooms to design and decorate!

·         A real working elevator

·         Glam accessories for endless design and decoration possibilities

·         Mini-Fashion Figures Barbie and Teresa each with extra outfits they can share!

·         Combine with all of the other Mega Bloks Barbie playsets to build a fabulous world of fashion, friends and fun!

The Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style Luxury Mansion is recommended for ages 4 and up, and retails for $79.99.

To pre-order yours today (the Mega Blok Barbie Build ‘N Style Luxury Mansion hits stores December 12), click here.

WIN!! One lucky Breezy Mama reader will win a Mega Bloks Build ‘N Style Barbie Luxury Mansion of their own. To enter, tell us below what fond memory you have of playing with Barbie. One comment will be chosen at random.

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  1. Sandi hill says:

    Loved playing with my Barbie house with the spiral staircase as a child. I remember when wonder women moved in and became roommates with Barbie!

  2. My grandpa built me a 4 foot tall mansion for my Barbies. Grandma
    Wallpapered and carpeted it. It was my first thing to play with when I woke up
    And the last before bed. I think about today how much time and love they put into constructing that
    That house for me and my Barbies. Ken and Barbie lived a good life in their mansion!
    They even had a Tonka Truck to cruise around in!

  3. Brandy O. says:

    I loved everything Barbie! I think my favorite part was the hours of freeplay, making up little scenarios for my dolls to act out, building forts, tents and houses for them. I never had the dream house, but I have fond memories of playing with the Barbie camper! My daughter isn’t into Barbie quite yet, but she has several Barbie-sized Disney princesses she loves, so Barbie is certainly in our near future 🙂

  4. OMG! I would spend hours and hours playing with my Barbies just about every day! We couldn’t afford the dream house so, I made my own out different things. I loved mixing up all of their clothes and making awesome (awesome to me) outfits for them! I swear my Barbies brought the Pixie hair cut in style! lol

  5. My two sisters and I played with Barbies for years! My favorite was this big near-lifesize Barbie head (like a plastic bust) you could practice hairstyles on. Another fave was the Barbie bubble bath – I remember pumping out bubbles so her little tub always luxuriously overflowed. Over time we’d given cut n color treatments to all of them and my mom felt it was time for the box to go away. 🙂 Santa is bringing my 5yo a set of Disney princess Barbies this year. 🙂

  6. I dreamed of having a mansion for my Barbie! I used to build a house for her out of of shoe and tissue boxes and had great fun doing it. As I got older, I spent hours making clothes for my Barbie. Those were the best days.

  7. I loved Barbies growing up! I liked to practice cutting their hair until I realized it didn’t grow back. I also tried making clothes for them. My best friend had the camper, sports car and we used to play for hours. My daughters are really into Barbies right now and have a few but this house would be awesome for them!

  8. Jen [Tiny Oranges] says:

    My most vivid Barbie memory from childhood was playing Barbie goes to the beach. We lived in Colorado and would dream of beach days, and set Barbie up in our kitchen bay window to sunbathe on washcloths.

  9. Kareen McCarty says:

    My best memories was when myself and my two sisters were always outside in our Wendy house playing for hours on end, we played with all things girl but the most popular was barbies, cabbage patch kids and care bares. We had a little play house in our garden, that my dad made and it was perfect for us to be kids and have fun!

  10. Amanda Neiley says:

    My sister and I loved playing barbie. We had the best soap opera like barbie playtimes. And when my brother decided to jump in the mix our barbies would ditch Ken for his GI Joe figurines. Those were the best days, just building forts for barbie and changing her outfits. My favorite barbie was a flight attendant by day and moonlighted as a dancer by night. No Joke! =) That’s what the package said.

  11. Bertha alamillo says:

    Barbie was such an amazing doll i had to have the earrings… Necklace and all. Except i never had the barbie dream house. That didnt stop me though to use my imagination! I would use shoe boxes stack them up to make it a two story home… Plus i used the lil plastics that came in middle of pizzas as tables 🙂 barbie is awesome! Mom used to play with me & it was beautiful 🙂

  12. I loved playing Barbies with my sister. We had the whole Barbie family, car and house. We would spend hours on the weekends in our imaginary Barbie play land :). The best thing was playing gently with my Mom’s Barbie from the 60s. She was so delicate and I loved her clothes! Long after my years of Barbie playing, this doll was displayed in my room.

  13. Deanna Sena says:

    I LOVED my barbies when I was little. I can remember my favorite thing was to get new outfits for them. One of the best toys was this Barbie fashion store set! I loved that thing! I also had a news set. It had a desk and a camera. I would play Barbie dolls for hours!!!

  14. My cousins had the entire barbie collection (or so it seemed) and my conservative parents didnt let me have any barbies at all. Playing in my cousins basement was like barbie heaven and a once in a while treat 🙂

  15. I always remember Barbie being my friend whenever I needed one. She was my pal when watching a movie or having a “slumber party” of my own. It’s amazing how Barbie has continued to transcend every generation. My daughters would love to have this!!!

  16. I never had a Barbie dream house because my parents couldn’t afford it. I think I would love this as much as my daughter!

  17. I loved pretending my Barbies went to work every day. They all worked in an “office”, and had no actual professions, but they were always very busy sitting behind desks and talking on phones (about what, I have no idea!). I would love for my daughter to have that same fun. I would even get over my slight jealousy of Barbie’s ridiculously tiny waist!

  18. I remember once, when I was still in elementary, I wasn’t feeling well at all. My mom made me stay home from school along with a strict “no getting out of bed.” I was bored, sick and miserable. Then my older brother gets home. He comes into my room and asks me how I am. Now, mind you he’s 2 WHOLE years older than I am and he was always one to tease me, never ever wanted to play girly games. I had to be very tomboyish around him. Well, after he checks on me, he walks out. Moments later he comes back with my barbie castle. Dolls and all. He places it on my bed and just like that, he starts playing with me. We must have played for what felt like hours. I was the happiest little sister in the world!

  19. Several days before Christmas when I was five I found a “hidden” Barbie 3 foot long RV in our garage. Not to spoil the surprise my mom told me is was for the needy children and wasn’t mine. I cried everyday until Christmas. I was even more excited when I found out it was mine on Christmas morning. That was the best gift ever! I still wish I had it to give to my daughter, fortunately, my mom saved all my Barbies and clothes, which I, um, I mean my daughter plays with at her house.

  20. Emily Shaw says:

    My sister and I were close in age and fought a lot. Playing with Barbie was one of the few things that really brought us together. My favorite memory is infiltrating my brother’s GI Joe base camp and kidnapping soldiers for husbands and protection.

  21. That is adorable! Warms my heart!

  22. Loved playing with Barbies when I was little. I never had a big house for them so that is super cool. It’s fun to watch my daughter play with them now. She is a huge Barbie fan!!

  23. Jacqueline says:

    I remember barbies for years in my home! With three older sisters, it was all about role-play, and we were much more in to Barbies than baby dolls. I remember laying them all out and then choosing in order back and forth who we wanted to be…

  24. Gina Brannick says:

    My favorite was the Barbie van and I also have fond memories of cutting their hair (which I’m sure terribly annoyed my mom and dad!).

  25. My favorite memory of the Barbie doll was getting one! Since they were a relatively new doll, everyone wanted one. My sister, a neighbor and I would get our 3 Barbies together, spread out a blanket in the yard and “play” Barbies. There was no Barbie dream house and when they did make the first one, it was too expensive for my parents to buy. I would love to be able to give this to my 4 granddaughters as their Barbie selections take up almost an entire bin and they have asked for the dream house since they knew what one was.

  26. Sharon Scott says:

    My favorite memory of the Barbie doll was getting one! Since they were a relatively new doll, everyone wanted one. My sister, a neighbor and I would get our 3 Barbies together, spread out a blanket in the yard and “play” Barbies. There was no Barbie dream house and when they did make the first one, it was too expensive for my parents to buy. I would love to be able to give this to my 4 granddaughters as their Barbie selections take up almost an entire bin and they have asked for the dream house since they knew what one was.

  27. Jen Burgeson says:

    I LOVED playing with Barbies when I was young — and I still do with my two daughters!! I never had the much coveted Barbie Mansion, so instead my sister and I would use the staircase of our home to make each stair a different room for our Barbies.

  28. I loved playing Barbie with my neighbor. She had an awesome Barbie house and pool. I had brothers so they were more interested in blowing up Barbie than playing with us.

  29. Lisa Foote says:

    I loved playing with all my friends and their barbies too!! We had a regular Barbie-palooza!

  30. Tabathia B says:

    I remember sharing a Barbie with my sister and we had her get married to Ken and then switched the clothes and took Barbie and Ken on a honeymoon where they went to the beach (the bathtub)

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  31. ria clarke says:

    I never had a dollhouse growing up but secretly envied a neighbor whose family could afford to buy one. Now suddenly my dd wants one for christmas.


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