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WIN!! Music Together is giving away each of their two new books to one Breezy Mama reader–see bottom of post for details!

In my town, taking a Music Together class is almost a rite of passage—practically every parent enrolls their child as soon as the kid can sit up on his own. Marek Cantor (who runs the program where I live) is probably more recognizable than our mayor. Both my children took Music Together classes, starting when they were babies and going through their third year of age. So when I was sent their new storybooks to read, all three of us were excited.

Hello, Everybody
When my kiddos were tots, nothing stopped them faster in their tracks than singing the first two words of this song, which, as you can guess, is Hello, Everybody. It starts off each Music Together class, and every child who is in the class gets mentioned. The book has the lyrics of the famous song, but goes on to say hello to each thing in “the world.” “Hello to the houses, so glad to see you,” and so on. The illustrations are adorable and pretty darn funny. For example, at one point, the children in the story say hello to a dinosaur in the museum, which then comes to life and you can see him following them throughout their neighborhood as well. Very cute. And for those of you living in the San Francisco area—you’ll see a lot of resemblance with the pictures!

Age/Grade Range: 1–7 years/Baby–1st grade

Hello, Everybody: $12.95 hardback, $8.95 board book. Click here to order.

She Sells Sea Shells
We started this book with trying to say She Sells Sea Shells really fast ten times—the kids learned what a tongue twister was! The book follows a young girl who lives in a lighthouse and collects sea shells to the beachgoers. It’s great for pointing out the different types of shells, as well as the various colors they come in. Once again, the photos are darling—it’s fun to see how the people wear the shells they buy!

I couldn’t remember how the tune of this song went, so I read it (instead of sang it), and then we went through our Music Together CDs to find it. She Sells Sea Shells is a lullaby, and it was a great way to end the day. I tucked the kids in, played the last of the song, and they went to bed with visions of the ocean in their heads. Can you think of a better way to fall asleep?

Age/Grade Range: 1–8 years/Baby–2nd grade

She Sells Sea Shells: $12.95 hardback, $8.95 board book. Click here to order.

Each of the books tells the history of the song, as well as the song sheets. A free download with purchase is available for each song through musictogether.com. The books also offer activity ideas for the caregiver and child to do together as well.In addition, She Sells Sea Shells has won the following awards:

  • 2012 Dr. Toy 10 Best Audio-Visuals Award
  • 2012 Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products (#6 ranking)
  • 2012 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
  • 2012 Mom’s Choice Award
  • 2012 Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award

For more information about the Music Together program, please click here.

WIN!! Get each of the above books for yourself! To enter, tell us your favorite Music Together song (mine is Crawdad from the Fiddle Collection) below. Don’t know any Music Together songs? Tell us your favorite childrens book! One winner will be picked at random.

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  1. Jacqueline Bertsch says:

    Right now my son’s favorite song is “I’ve Got the Rhythm” or as he calls it “Hot Dog”. It’s on the Fiddle Collection. We are doing the Fiddle Collection right now in class, so he usually choose that album to listen to. He generally gets stuck on one song in a collection when we are doing it in class. I LOVE the Music Together Program and so do my son and daughter (She’s only 11 months, so she doesn’t have a favorite yet.)!

  2. My favorite children’s book (which my mom says I requested over and over when I was little), is Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss. I also love Richard Scarry books – like the Best Word Book Ever.

  3. We started Music Together when my son was just 5 months old. He is now two. We will be going back again in January with my newest addition. She will be 5 months at that time, too. My son loves every single song. The “Hello” song used to be the only thing that would calm him in the car. I sometimes would play it over and over during the 3 hour drive to visit my parents!! I’m excited to see how my daughter reacts to the class. We already play the CDs at home.

  4. The hello song has always been my kids favorite 🙂
    We LOVE music together! Have been going with kids since my oldest was 6 mos old!

  5. Jessica Miles says:

    We just love “Hello Everybody!”. In fact, our extended family loves it, too, & requests it when we get together 😉

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