Sponsored: Perfect Baby Food For On the Go

Back when I found out I was pregnant for the fourth time, I was beyond excited to check out the latest and greatest in new baby products that had come out since the two years prior. And I was not let down!

In fact, one of the more genius ideas was putting baby food in a self feeding pouch! Hello — I have five kids and spoon feeding three meals plus two snacks each and every day was going to be extra tricky with my baby twins. Enter the self feeding food pouches!

With several options to choose from, meals such as banana/pumpkin and apple/sweet potato were incredibly hassle free when we were on the go. In fact, the babies loved that they could do it themselves.

You will definitely want to stalk up on these once your baby is ready for baby food with the stages 1-4. Even better? The fabulous up&up by Target is now available! I pretty much buy everything up&up as the savings are amazing, so I was beyond thrilled they offered the convenient feeding solution as well!

Next time you find yourself on the go with your baby from outings to the park, your other kid’s events, when traveling and more, grab your up&up baby food pouches and know that you AND your baby will enjoy how wonderful they are!

To get extra savings on all products, be sure to check out this up&up coupons page: coupons.target.com/upup-coupons



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