5 Holiday Card Ideas

Even I am not prepared to admit that it’s time to start thinking about my holiday card…sigh…. until I remember that I will soon be receiving them, too! And, yes, I am obsessed! In fact, I actually saved my winners from last year… you read that right… I choose the winner from the 100+ or so my family is so very fortunate to receive each year. In fact, I wanted to post my 2010 winner last year but couldn’t find it… and then did! It’s the photo you see at top. So let’s get to my other picks as well…

1. The Perfect Candid Photo
Yes, I love professional family photo sessions, but there’s something to be said for the perfect candid moment, which is exactly why I have included the photo at top this year! As my house is generally full of guests during the holidays, this card was the most talked about in 2010 and most definitely put an instant smile on everyone’s face. Alex (a.k.a. my Breezy Mama Co-founder/Partner in Crime) knows my obsession with the perfect candid moment and even did a card ONLY for me one year and I loved it (she was frantic as the dogs were headed in different directions, two kids crying and an annoyed look on her husband’s face… you know, the in between shot moments)! There is just something to be said for a captured moment that sums up what really went on that year and the love it was filled with nicely displayed as a card to cherish.

To purchase the card to put your candid photo on, click here!

2. Getting (Holiday) Balls Out Crazy

OMG! This card was so up my alley and my first place winner last year! From the 70’s hair to the Christmas sweaters and priceless expressions, hands down simply amazing. AMAZING! In the past, Danica has taken first place by also doing a creative photo session centered around a theme… talk about an instant way to put a smile on your card recipient’s faces!

For a great background for your creatively inspired photo, click here!

3. Providing a Tree Ornament
My mantel gets so full each year I end up putting cards all over the house so each (generally a) photo can be seen. Receiving this one from Maya in ornament form was absolutely adorable and so fun to display on our tree.

To purchase a similar one, click here!

4. Unwrapping a Package.

Just loved this option from Kathy!. It felt as though we were unwrapping a present and couldn’t wait to see the photo inside – a very special treat indeed!

To purchase a similar one, click here.

5. Favorite of the New Batch of 2012 Christmas Card Options

Check this out! Talk about the perfect solution: A Christmas Photo Magnet! Not only will it be easy to display on refrigerators, but it can hold someone else’s card there, too. Plus, it’s a keepsake to treasure forever. Love!

To order yours, click here!

Want to add an extra special touch? Upload a photo to photostamps.com to create personalized postage that’s sure to warm the recipient’s heart! Click here to get started.

And to capture that perfect picture yourself, read Tips for Taking the Perfect Family Photo — click here!

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  1. I made the list!!!! Woo hoo!!! And I used the Pear Tree Greetings tip from last year’s holiday card post and everything. 🙂 Got our pics done last weekend – hoping there’s something useable for another fun card!

  2. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now! And I’m already getting the holiday promo cards being sent–oh the pressure, the pressure!!!!

  3. I did a photo magnet for Lil’s birth announcement. I still see it up on some of my friends’ fridges when I visit. So cute. And the personalized stamps are adorable! I actually have my cards already sitting on my shelf ready to sign. I’m blown away by my on-top-of-it-ness, though they probably won’t get signed and addressed until Dec 22nd. : )

  4. OMG! That is very impressive Mary! I think it made me break a sweat, too -lol.

  5. I haven’t even started thinking about it, Alex! Though I am now obsessed with the magnets!

  6. Yes, Kathy, if you listen to me, you make the list -lol! Such a great card and I can’t wait to see this year’s!

  7. I’m with you, in that although professional pictures look fantastic, I like the ‘real’ family photos. I have our picture already picked out, now I just need to get it ordered and ready to be sent. I usually send mine out the Monday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully I hit the mark this year!


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