Adorable Reusable Snack Bags

For six years now (yes, six), I have been at the same wonderful preschool. Every new year starts with a reminder that lunches need to be waste-free, and, well, you’d think I’d have it down by now, but still feel a slight panic when the email arrives. Since packing a paperless lunch can take some creativity at times, I’m always happy to find a new product to help! Enter the adorable Semilla Snack Bags. An alternative to the ziplock bag (which I have previously tried to claim I wash and reuse mine… didn’t work), these machine washable, organic cotton, BPA free options are a dream. In fact, when showing them to my husband as he prepped to pack my 4 year old’s lunch, my 8 year old caught wind and immediately took hostage of the sandwich wrap option for her bagel, happily folding each corner over it until the velcro met (and I was happy it wasn’t in Tupperware). Then, the alternative to a plastic baggie somehow disappeared (cough, cough) and may or may not have been used for my pistachio habit I take on the go.

True, my husband will have to move quicker if my 4 year old is ever going to get to use these in her lunch… at least until we order more. Available online (see discount below!) and in stores like Whole Foods and Jimbos, be sure to stock up because, as my 4 year old knows, the whole family will love them.

Want to know the best part? They are made by a mom from my son’s soccer team! In fact, she was inspired after noticing the waste when packing her child’s snacks and lunches, and a business was born. A cool story on a very cool bag. Now, make sure to grab yours… and quickly.

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