Top 10 Back to School Advice Posts

Ahhh… for many of us, the school bells are starting to ring and the sniffles have started… and I’m not talking about the kids! Here are Breezy Mama’s top 10 favorite back to school posts to help you with the transition, whether you are saying good-bye to your preschool age child or your elementary student, hopefully these back to school tips from what to pack for lunch, to how to get out of the house on time, whether they are ready for school, how they can cope with mean girls/boys and more will help!

1. Dealing with Preschool and Elementary School Separation Anxiety
Okay, so maybe (cough, cough) saying good-bye is hard for your child, too! If you have a kid who is having a hard time when you drop them off at school, be sure to get these helpful tips!

2. Managing Back to School Madness
Here comes the drop offs, picks ups, play dates, activities and did we mention needing to be there on time, too? Be sure to get organized with this amazing getting ready for school advice.

3. Packing a Punch in Your Child’s Lunchbox
Now this is one area I often struggle! What should I make? Is it healthy enough? Thank goodness for this post chock full of food ideas that not only your child will love for lunch but are healthy, too!

4. 3 Tips to Get Your Morning Dawdler Moving
It’s one thing to get yourself out of bed and out the door, but what about your child who does everything BUT the things you ask that will make it possible to be on time… for once? Here’s how to get them moving!

5. Beware: Mean Girls and Boys and Helping Your Child Cope
From preschool (yep, it starts then!), all the way on up through elementary school and beyond, get the expert advice on helping your child deal with mean girls and boys.

6. Is Your Child Switching Schools? Here’s How to Make It Easier
The first day of school seeing familiar faces can be tricky enough, but what if your child is starting a new school altogether? Then you will want to read this post with tips on making the move easier.

7. Should You Make Your Child Wait to Start Kindergarten?
To red shirt, or not to red shirt… that is the question on many parents’ minds. If you are still on the fence about having your child show up for that first day of school or wait another year, find out the pros and cons of both holding your child back a year and/or starting your child too early in school.

8. Why the Sex Talk Should Happen by Kindergarten
Yep, Kinder these days! As shocking as it may seem, the sex talk with your child can come from you or the kid they meet in school who has seen one too many video games or age inappropriate television shows. You decide. And if you want it to be you (smart choice), get tips on how to start the sex talk.

9. Homeschooling–Should a Parent or a Teacher Educate Your Child?
Which brings us to avoiding school altogether… I kid, I kid. Many parents are finding crowded classrooms aren’t for them. If you dare to take on your child’s education at home (you brave soldier, you), then here’s what homeschooling is all about.

10. The Mom Who Battled Head Lice THREE Times
And whether you home school or not, your child likely leaves the house and for some reason back to school brings back head lice. Here’s advice from a mom who took it on THREE times and her advice for avoiding head lice and what to do if your child comes home with it.

And that’s this session of back to school advice! Hope it helps and your child has a wonderful, fulfilling year!

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