Going for that Dewy Look? Sheer Glow is Your Answer

You may remember that I had a skin crisis a couple years ago. I really wanted to get that dewy look, but instead, my skin looked very parched and wrinkly. Luckily, Kelly fixed me up (to read the story click here), but if I had known about Manna’s Sheer Glow, things would’ve been much easier. Sheer Glow is a incandescent liquid that you can mix in with your foundation (or for me, I use it with my tinted moisturizer) creating a youthful glow. It can be used on your face or body (visualize sparkly bare shoulders at that next wedding you’re attending). When I received a sample, I was a bit hesitant to put it on (I didn’t want to be so shimmery that I looked 16), but it was really easy to use and blended in smoothly. Good for all skin types, and as the brochure says, “especially amazing on mature/dry skins, replaces youthful glow.”

Now visualize me with a tear running down my cheek while I’m realizing I fall into the “mature skin” category. . .

To get yourself all dewy and youthful, order Manna’s Sheer Glow, $25.00, by clicking here.


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