Jen’s (Easy) Guide to Beautiful Skin

Jen with one of her two boys.

My friend Jen has gorgeous skin. And no, it’s not because she stays out of the sun. Jen is extremely active–she surfs, walks, swims at the pool, takes her kids to the park and is a teacher so she’s out on the playground at recess. I was telling Chelsea, Kelly and Maya about how beautiful her skin was at a girl’s dinner, and all of them asked, “How does she do it? What products does she use? Are they expensive?” And I had no idea. Yes, she wears a hat and sunscreen at all times, but other than that, I didn’t know too much about her skin regimen. So Breezy Mama decided to go straight to the source and ask. And though there are a couple pricier brands, the rest are available at drugstores! Read on to learn her secrets. . .

From Jen:

1) I start the morning off by washing my face with pink grapefruit Neutrogena foaming scrub. I also use it before bedtime–I like it because it a gentle cleanser that gets off all my sunscreen, sweat and make-up. To order pink grapefruit Neutrogena foaming scrub, $7.59, click here.

2) After washing I follow-up with toner. My favorite is the Biore. It’s great because it fights against blackheads and tightens up my skin. To order the Biore Blemish Treating Astringent, $5.99, click here.

3) After my morning wash and toner, I use Epicuren X-Treme Cream with SPF 45–I love this product! It not only protects my skin from the sun but it also gives me a nice glowing look. To order Epicuren X-Treme Cream, $34.00, click here.

4) I really, really love this product–Shiseido Sun Protection Powder.  It’s waterproof so I wear it whether I am surfing, at the gym, at work or at the park with the kids. It also evens out my skin tone. To order Shiseido Sun Protection Powder, $26.40, click here.

5) When I need to hide my under-eye dark circles, I use the Boots No. 7  (from Target) Lifting and Firming Foundation. To order Boots No. 7  Lifting and Firming Foundation, $14.99, click here.

6) At night I use Yes To Blueberries Overnight Hydrating Cream or Epicuren Evening Emulsion. I layer it on thick! These are great because they really hydrate my skin while I sleep. To order Yes To Blueberries Overnight Hydrating Cream, $15.99, click here. For the Epicuren Evening Emulsion, $38.00, click here.

7) My last bit of advice is to drink water—I probably drink a gallon a day!


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  1. AAAAAHHHHH it has GOT to be the water thing! I think I am going to make a New Year’s Resolution in June: DRINK MORE WATER!

  2. Thank you Alex for posting Jen’s beauty secrets. Jen has GORGEOUS skin! Alex gave me the Epicuren x-treme cream sunscreen for my birthday and I LOVE it!! My skin is so sensitive and it was hard for me to find a sunscreen that didn’t make me breakout or run in my eyes while I exercised. This sunscreen is the best and I love the glow it leaves on my skin. I am planning on ordering the night cream, too. Thanks for the summer beauty tips.

  3. Yes Kelly–drinking more water is much easier said than done, isn’t it? I’ll go for hours and realize I haven’t had any!

    Maya–so glad you like the Epicuren–Jen gave me a tube for my birthday as well–I love it!

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