Stevie Wonder Talks to Breezy Mama at Billboard Awards

There I sat in the press room backstage at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards watching Stevie Wonder perform just after receiving the Icon Award. Running over the 8pm show ending time with his performance, I’m generally not one to complain about being engrossed into his amazing singing it’s just that it was 8:05 PM in Las Vegas and my flight — the last Southwest flight of the night — was leaving at 9:25.

Starting to sweat a little, I knew I either chance missing my flight which would mean needing to find a hotel in Vegas -or- miss out on interviewing a music legend. Music legend won.

He entered the room at about 8:10. As he spoke and I sat in the front row taking video of the entire interview with one hand, I was quietly packing up my things with the other free hand.

Told prior to him entering the room that we could only ask one question, an ABC representative took down our names if we wanted to ask a question (I had no idea what to ask but wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity!). It was SO COOL when the rep from ABC said to MR. STEVIE WONDER, “Next we have Chelsea Gladden from Breezy Mama” and I got to ask my question! Watch in the 1 minute video above!

At 8:40 the interview ended and I had less than a half hour to make it to the airport from the MGM Grand. Running through the confusing casino, followed by the lobby, I burst through the front exit doors to find there was a TWO HOUR wait for a cab! With no choice but to head straight to the front, I explained my plane was about to leave, I have FIVE kids to get home to… and he said the airlines don’t allow passengers after 45 minutes before the flight. Explaining I was willing to try because I really wanted to get home to my kids, he grabbed me a cab.

My cab driver hit traffic, but did all she could to get me there. Sprinting toward security with my boarding pass that I printed out the night before in hand, I had to beg to cut in front of THAT line, too. Then I had to bolt because of course my gate was what seemed like a mile away. My legs could barely run, my head was pounding and I realized it was all because of a long day of back to back Billboard Music Award interviews, but also because I forgot to eat dinner!

As I arrived to my gate with my shoes and belt that I had to take off to get through security in hand, the plane was boarding and I ran right on. It was nothing short of a miracle. Just like an opportunity to interview Mr. Stevie Wonder!

Watch the 1 minute clip above! For a longer version, watch this Stevie Wonder Billboard Music Awards interview.

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  1. WORTH IT!!

  2. Nothing is impossible! such a great man.

  3. How COOL was THAT????? STEVIE WONDER! Yeah Chels!

  4. Love it! What an awesome experience!

  5. Thank you 🙂 Definitely a huge highlight for me!


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