Video: 50 Shades of Grey Dare and Losing Our Minds

This week, Kelly and I discuss 50 Shades of Grey (and why it should be the new planking). Plus! Children’s books, updates and why we are losing our minds.

Oh, and to purchase 50 Shades of Grey, click here!

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  1. Chelsea, I have been a subscriber to your blog for almost a year now and have found the majority of your posts to be helpful, informative, or otherwise entertaining. However, this is where I draw the line. I have no interest in supporting “50 Shades of Grey,” from both a family aspect and on moral grounds. I saw the TV special on this book, and that was enough for me to know that reading this book not only treads mud on the sacred ground of marriage, but it also affects how our children learn about relationships and families in general. It may be the current trend, but my family and the relationship with my husband and children are far more important than a trend. I firmly believe that if you cultivate and take care of the relationship with your spouse, you won’t need books like this to “spice” things up. I am shocked that you would openly support such a movement that goes against family values and the sanctity of marriage. As of today, I am an unsubscriber. It is my hope that more women would stand up and against this book and its harmful message instead of going along with what is currently popular–something I try to instill in my kids every single day. “Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to, too.”

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for your feedback and I can certainly understand why this best selling fiction book written by a married mother of two could offend some people. However, I can’t help but find it amusing that it’s been such a huge success with millions of women every where. Best of luck to you, ~Chelsea

  3. Chelsea,
    Keep doing what you are doing. Your blog is awesome, as are your posts, diverse, insightful, funny, humble and sometimes… eye-opening. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Carry on.

  4. I LOVED this!! We spent Mother’s Day weekend in the desert with three other families, and all the mama’s started our own little book club, 50 shades!! The entire weekend we were openly reading it poolside, along with many others who we laughed about it with. On Sunday, the moms and I went over to another resort to celebrate Mother’s Day, where about 5 other people were reading it too!! I have a bunch of funny pictures of us reading… no shame. It’s a book! Great post!!

  5. Margie,
    You made my day! Thank you so much for the support! XOXO

  6. I love it Lexi! You know I want those photos -lol! XOXO

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