Sponsored: Reusing–It’s How I Live Green

My son made this robot--it has toilet paper tubes for arms, a shoe box body, Kleenex box head and plastic lids for wheels.

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Reusing is the way I was raised. My maternal grandparents were the King and Queen of reusing–from Ziploc baggies being hung out to dry, to the little green baskets that strawberries came in, to plastic cottage cheese containers, EVERYTHING had a second life. My grandfather even had a glass cutter to cut jars and bottles and turn them into water glasses, vases, Q-Tip holders—you name it. So it’s no surprise that my mom was the same way, and it’s transferred to a 3rd generation—me. Though I don’t have a compost heap or cupboard full of cut cereal boxes (you can’t imagine the uses for cut cereal boxes!), I do try my best to live as green as I can and instill these values on my own two children.

For example, the cardboard inserts of toilet paper and paper towel rolls never get thrown away—they are saved and taken to the preschool where they turn into spyglasses, binoculars, tunnels, etc. The same goes for Kleenex boxes (robot heads and bodies–like the photo above) and wrapping paper tubes (runways for marbles). I cringe if I ever have to pack a baggie into a lunch, and get itchy if someone tears apart presents instead of carefully opening it so the paper can be used a second time. My daughter’s art pieces get turned into wrapping paper, and pasta jars become vases for flowers that I’m giving away from my garden.

As for cleaning—the same mindset goes. I try to keep everything as organic as I can (it turns my stomach to think of chemicals on the table where my 3-year-old lays her sandwich—because for some reason it can never be laid on the plate it came on) by using chemical free cleaning products such as those produced by Seventh Generation. Their Botanical Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner uses thymol, a component of thyme oil, to kill 99.99% of household germs and is even EPA registered!

By modeling this behavior for my children, I’m hoping that they’ll be keeping up the reusing trait for a 4th generation. So far, so good. They yell, “Does this go in the recycling or trashcan?!” before throwing anything away, and practically cry if I don’t keep a shipping box, “It can be my new hideout!” Seeing the Lorax together drove the point further home—they saw that if they don’t take care of the earth, it won’t be here for them to enjoy. They’ll have plastic trees to climb and instead of grass to run on, cement painted green. And what’s fun about that?

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