All About the Amazing Mirror Mirror Costumes

Mirror Mirror, the updated take on the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tale in theaters March 30, is pure costume eye candy! It was so fun to see the artistry at work. In fact, Breezy Mama got the scoop from Lily Collins, a.k.a. Snow White, on a few of her amazing wardrobe pieces!

As for the vibrant dress in the photo above, she said:

“I remember in the fitting when the late Eiko [Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka] was making it on me, it was originally white, kind of weird, tough fabric that she was showing me with sketches, ‘This will look like this one day, and it will be this color.’ And it was blue and orange.

And then, she put this big bow on my back. And then, all of a sudden when I came to set and we had the last fitting, and I just started crying because it was, as if, ‘You clearly had a vision,’ and it’s so iconic in a new way. It’s not the classic Snow White. It’s not the classic colors, but it is classic in itself.

I smiled whenever I put it on. It took 20 minutes to put on. And the bathroom was really hard to do. You have to take it off. And by the end of it, they either would just shove a stool under me, because I’d look at somebody and go, “The stool,” and they’d just shove it under. Or, I just came to the point where I’d just collapse on the floor.

But, I think the [one above] is my favorite.”

“There was a picture that they just released of me in my white dress. And Tarsem’s [Director Tarsem Singh] on the floor talking to me and I’m just on the floor because I was so tired I just didn’t care anymore.”

“Filming Mirror Mirror has been an education in itself,” the young actress shared. “Learning sword fighting and fencing and just how to maneuver myself in those large costumes!”

When asked if the costumes were heavy, she responded, “Yes, really heavy, really tight. They were corseted every day, suctioned in. The white dress had two poufy skirts under and then the corset, and then the skirt over. They all had layers, so many layers.

And I was running through the forest in them with heels on through the trees that were imported and planted. They’re so close together. I’m running, looking back. It’s tight. It’s hot. And I never fell or tripped. I was really proud of myself.

But, the second they’d take those outfits off every night, I’d just collapse. And I swore to myself, ‘I am never going to complain about normal clothes ever again.’

I gained a lot of respect for the women that used to live and wear that every day, because I have no idea how they did it. But, they were impeccable so I could never complain about wearing them.”

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