How To: Wear Sheer

It’s no wonder sheer is one of Spring’s hottest trends. Like the season itself, sheer is wispy, delicate and very feminine. But as you linger over sheer pieces in the stores, you may wonder, “How in the world am I supposed to wear this?” Breezy Mama Fashion Editor, Vanessa Corbett, answers that exact question. . .

From Vanessa:

It’s all around us, in every store, in both solid colors and patterns.  What is it?  It’s the “all sheer” clothing pieces filling the racks with a rainbow of colors and designs!  You may be asking yourself if you should go sheer, or not go sheer . . . and more importantly, “How Do I Wear Sheer?” Here are a few easy pieces you can add to what you already own to make a statement this Spring without breaking the bank.

1.  “How can I wear a see-through chiffon skirt or a completely see-through tank dress?”
Take that cotton maxi dress you have in your closet up a notch by adding a chiffon skirt or dress in a favorite bright color right over it!  If your maxi dress is printed, even better!  You can see the print through it, you’re still covered up, and you’ll have a look so unique without even trying.
Add a favorite belt for more shape and a pair of sandals to complete the look.

To buy the Chiffon Full Length Skirt, $46.00, click here.

To buy the Chiffon Dress (both photos above, in both Tahiti and Magenta), $70.00, click here.

2.“What type of sheer top is the easiest to wear?”  
Look for a neutral or a light colored print that can be layered with your tank tops, a cropped tank, or a bandeau.  A pretty sleeveless blouse with feminine ruffles or soft lace looks casual, but the details are anything but boring.  You can wear it loose and out as shown or tucked into a casual pair of bottoms with a statement ring or your favorite bracelets.

To buy the Max & Mia Sheer Sleeveless Blouse (above, left), $58.00, click here.

To buy the Chiffon Sleevless Blouse (above, right), $9.95, click here.

3. “I love the sweaters and cardigans from the fall and winter.  What’s the spring version?”
Statement, sheer, cropped sleeves, and lightweight cardigan “tops” are what you want to look for.  Keep the rest of your outfit simple–a pair of straight jeans in your favorite wash, a white or black tee underneath, and bam!,  a cool, sheer cardigan full of pattern or color mixed with a favorite necklace will have you ready for the day in no time.

To buy the Fringed Lace Top (above left), $27.80, click here.

To buy the Palm Leaves Jacket (above, right), $17.80, click here.

4.“How can I try sheer in the most affordable way?”
Another option would be to dress up your hair with a sheer headwrap.  They are easy to wear, add sheer color, and give you a little coverage to what might have been a “bad hair day”.

To buy the Striped Headwrap (above left), $3.80, click here.

To buy the Sheer Geometric Headband (above right), $3.40, click here.

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About Vanessa Corbett of Revamp Your Style: Before becoming a mother of 2, Vanessa immersed herself in the fashion industry- studying textiles and merchandise management while working four years in retail management. After college, she pursued her true passion–Buying. For the next 5 years, Vanessa worked as Lead Buyer for Volcom and as an Associate Buyer for the Tilly’s chain of retail stores.

In 2009, Vanessa’s love of people and fashion led her to start her own business: “Revamp Your Style”. As a Personal Stylist, Vanessa helps clients’ (women, men, and children) bring out their inner style and create an individual style through closet consultations and customized shopping–updating their every day wear and finding perfect outfits for their upcoming events.

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