KC Works Out with Melissa Rycroft

KC (front left) pumping iron with Melissa Rycroft (center)

Breezy Mama bestie KC recently boldly went where Alex and I were too wimpy unable to go… on a crazy Les Mills workout (taught by 90,000 certified instructors in more than 14,000 licensed clubs around the world) with former Bachelor winner (then not so much) and Dancing with the Stars favorite Melissa Rycroft.

From KC:

You know how sometimes you think you’re in good shape and can handle a tough workout with barely a sweat? And then you do a killer workout and you’re reminded of all those nights when you blew off the gym to watch The Bachelor instead?

Well, that’s what happened to me the other night. And talk about worlds colliding, since I did the toughest workout I’ve ever done, and right next to a former star of The Bachelor.

I can’t blame Melissa Rycroft, star of The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, and her upcoming reality show for CMT Melissa and Tye: A New Reality. She was there like I was, big smile, ready for a great workout.

Melissa doing a move KC said, “This is the move that was the killer. I think at one point, I sighed, dropped the tubes, and just stood there sweating and crying a little.”

And she was right here where I was- sweating, straining, and genuinely feeling the burn. At one point she looked around as if to say, “Seriously? this is killing me right now,” and again, I was right there with her. She’s even more darling in person. And despite being the tiniest thing ever, she had higher weights on her bar than I did.

Les Mills designed a great workout- Body Pump is fun, changes constantly and you’re feeling it within the first 5 minutes. An important factor is the energy that’s produced in the room- the instructors are in great spirits and the music is pumping so hard, you can barely hear yourself screaming through the pain. As soon as my body recovers (I’ve been walking around like a just-got-off-a-horse) I’m going to sign up for a series of the classes- anything that hurts this much has got to be great for me. It burns up to 1000 calories an hour!

Be sure to watch Melissa’s show on CMT, which premieres Friday, April 20th at 9:30/8:30c- it looks like it’s going to a fun show and added bonus! In an upcoming episode, you’ll get to see what the workout was like for me, since I was placed right next to her and was assured by the crew, “Oh yeah, you’ll be on camera.”

To learn more about Les Mills, click here!

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About KC
While not a mom, KC is a huge fan of Breezy Mama, and will forever be grateful for their guidance when it came to buying drugstore mascara.

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  1. Looking hot KC!!!!

  2. Nothing is hotter than KC doing squats! Love ya babe!

  3. You gotta live these group workouts! What a way to keep mitivated

  4. I love your work- out pants. But you should wear your m c hammer pants instead:)

  5. Carolyn Swaney says

    Hi Breezies!

    Not only am I a mom, but I’m also a Body Pump instructor! Even though we moms use tons of muscles lifting babies and carrying all their stuff from the car, there is nothing more empowering than an amazing weights workout! Thanks, KC, for showing how amazing Body Pump is!

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