Spring Clean Your Skin!

Lately I’ve turned myself into somewhat of a science project testing out the latest in skin care products. Though risking a chemical malfunction of my body, I have to say that all my experimenting has paid off. Case in point? My husband said my skin is glowing… in a good way… not a radioactive sort of way… um… I think. From an irresistible face washing system to THE SOLUTION to wearing shorts this spring, Breezy Mama has the scoop on beauty products to keep your skin in bloom.

Miracle Skin™ Transformer Body SPF 20
Talk to me. It’s that time of year to show a li’l leg and yet you are concerned that you may blind someone with the uber-white limbs winter has gifted you with. Enter this lotion! I was beyond thrilled to try this out and find that it not only hid some of my, um, getting up in age flaws, but it also gave me a nice tan
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Cellure Stem Cell Skin Care
Trust me, with your legs lookin’ so fab, hardly a pair of eyes is going to look up, but if they do, you’ll be happy you splurged on this stem cell skin care pack! Each sample was labeled and in the order I should use — one step by step application for morning (cleanser, toner, serum, eye treatment, day cream) and one at night (same products but night cream instead of day). With the key ingredient being stem cells that “excrete powerful proteins,” it gets pricey ($599 for the entire set!), but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. If I could only choose one, I am head over heals in love with the face cleanser — smells so good!
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DNA Renewal Foaming Cleanser
Bear with me — this kinda stinks, if I’m being perfectly honest. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not completely addicted. One pump of the container and a soothing foam comes out that gently cleans your face. In fact, I would definitely purchase it again… though I do wish it smelled more like the Cellure cleanser.
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MyBody Safety Blanket
Applying this gentle hydrating lotion was like giving my skin a glass of water! It was so refreshing and immediately made my skin feel so smooth. They also have a “Beat the Rush,” an anti-redness treatment. Though it also felt so nice on the skin, I don’t turn red in the heat…generally… (and thankfully not after all this product testing). If you do, this soothing cream is a skin-calming and regenerating serum that helps alleviate redness and blotchiness.
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