My Day Doing Big Miracle Interviews

The view from my hotel room.

It’s true – I am absolutely obsessed with pop culture. Though I’m not really quite sure where it comes from, I assume it’s because my dad took me to movies at least twice a month growing up and we would always discuss them afterward. Heading up to Los Angeles to see a pre-screening of Big Miracle, followed by interviews with Drew Barrymore, John Krasinksi (coming soon!), Kristen Bell, Dermot Mulroney & Ted Danson was a blast and being told afterward that they said, “I heard RAVE reviews from all the talent today about you guys. They love, love, loved the warmth in the room, the interviews that felt more like a conversation and I heard a couple mentions about what a good looking group you guys are too,” was simply icing.

However, I’m going to have to admit that my absolute favorite part? Not my gorgeous ocean view room, just steps to the sand… or the room service… which all come quite close, but truthfully, I just LOVE hanging out with the other “mom” bloggers!

Now that I’ve gotten to attend several of these “press” junkets, there are generally some repeat friends and always a chance to meet a few more as well. Getting to share memories of past experiences (like meeting Jim Carrey! Or that I was late to interview Leslie Mann because I was nursing my twins) is such a blast. Catching up in general and hearing about what they’ve been up to, how their kids are doing and of course a healthy dose of celebrity gossip is a blast.

In fact, the first night after the screening, most of the East Coast crew were tired, but us West Coasters (and our Dallas trooper) headed to dinner at Shutters in Santa Monica, including Caryn of, Melanie of MelaDramaticMommy, Sunny from Babble and Carey Bryson from – Kids TV, Movies.

And speaking of seeing the movie, I actually liked it! The ads for it made it seem cheesy and, um, when I said that to a non-mom blogger on our bus ride back to the hotel, she said, “My friend made those.” Oops. So I was pleasantly surprised. Personally, I don’t remember when the story happened in real life during the 80’s, so it was extra heartwarming to see people from all walks of life and political agendas come together to save these three whales! Looking forward to when my kids see it, I’m certain they will be all the more interested in the environment afterword, which is inspiring.

Breezy Mama and Classy Mommy hanging (literally) on the Ferris Wheel…

The next day, Caryn, Melanie and Colleen of ClassyMommy and author of The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home that Alex and I both bought immediately after meeting her the first time last summer — headed quickly to get a ride on the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier, rushing back just in time for our interviews to start.

…and  MelaDramaticMommy and up in the air with us.

And the interviews were filled with lots of laughs. The actors never quite know what to expect when going from outlets like MTV or E! News, etc. to our “mom blog” room. Always a tad uncomfortable to start, it rarely takes long for them to realize what I’m talking about when I say I love seeing the mom bloggers so much!

Friday was another dinner at Shutters because those of us who DID go, couldn’t stop talking about it so we had to head back with Melanie again and Colleen this time, as well as Liz of Mom-101 and CoolMomPicks (who also used to work in LA so we got to swap celebrity sighting stories) and my long time buddies Sherrie of Momtastic and Jennifer of 5minutesformom (can’t say enough wonderful things about them!!).

And with my fam –twins stayed home (Thank you for the photo Sherrie!).

Capping off an amazing trip, we headed to Long Beach for a whale watching excursion and my local living family got to meet up for this portion. Liz and Colleen skipped it but the rest of us got to experience a roller coaster like boat ride that brought part terror and tremendous laughter at the same time (I love you Dramamine!).

Saying good-bye after our three hour tour (really two and a half, but I had to quote the Gilligan’s Island song because there were moments I thought I might end up on an island with Ginger…and the Skipper, too), wasn’t easy… Not knowing if we will get a next adventure together while having to accept our trip was finally over, um, sucked. But the good news? I can keep up with all their latest… on their blogs, of course.

Til next time!

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  1. It was so nice meeting you and hanging out at the beach and dinner. I’m glad we’re neighbors!

  2. So fun!!! It IS fun seeing the same folks over and over again — as well as ushering in the newbies who are there each time.

    This one really was a stellar experience (and I’m still bummed that I wasn’t ready in time to go on the carousel with y’all).

  3. Yes, Melanie!!! Love meeting other SD area bloggers! So great meeting you!
    Jennifer, you for sure owe me a ferris wheel ride 🙂 Next time!!!

  4. I took a video of the boat ride – a small snippet when it was “calm” and it still makes my legs turn to jello watching it. That said, I’d totally go for it again!

    I loved hanging with you guys! It’s always such a blast! Can’t wait to see you again. 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed hanging with you! : )

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