5 Great Catches: Gift Ideas for the Kiddos

Are you in need of a gift for an upcoming birthday? Or perhaps doing some Valentine’s Day shopping? Or are you looking for something new for your own children?  The kids of Breezy Mama have been busy testing up some toys and the verdict? Any of these gifts will make sure to make the child in your life happy as a clam.

How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant?

This oversize pop-up book written by Caitlin Friedman tells of a little boy named Oscar who finds a giant in his backyard. With clever lines from the Oscar’s dog, Cowgirl, to cool features like pop-ups, die-cuts and pull-tabs, this book is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The book also comes with a recipe leaflet which tells you how to make the same foods which the giant gets–a Pasta Mountain or Pizza-Size Chocolate Chip Cookie are two dishes which are featured. To order How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant?, $13.83, click here.


Backyard Safari Portable Weather Pod

Perfect for your budding scientist, this weather pod tracks and measures such things as rain, wind speed (and my favorite) temperature. Ever since we received it I yell to my son, “Kieran! What’s the temperature like? Sweatshirt or no?” to which he runs and looks at the weather pod and yells back his answer. The pod also comes with a built-in compass, weather vane so you can see the direction the wind is blowing, a patch making your child an “official storm chaser”, and sturdy feet so it doesn’t get knocked down. To order the Backyard Safari Portable Weather Pod, $19.99, click here.

Wuggle Pets Starter Kit

My kids beg me to take them to Build-a-Bear, but I just can’t spend a small fortune on a stuffed animal that will get tossed aside by the next day. So when I was asked if I wanted to take a look at the Wuggle Pets Starter Kit, I didn’t hesitate for a second. With the same idea as Build-a-Bear, the kit comes with two unstuffed animals, fluff, “magic dust”, personality charms, birth certificates and the “Fun Fill Factory” which puts everything inside the animal. My kiddos were SO excited to do this, and it was fun for me to help them pick out their personalities, put the dust in, etc. My daughter has been sleeping with hers every night–and we’re going on a month. Best of all? It DOES NOT cost a small fortune! To order the Wuggle Pets Starter Kit, $19.89, click here.

Zillionz Talking Cash Register

I had been considering getting a cash register for my daughter for Christmas–she loves playing in her kitchen and filling her shopping cart with her play food. But, I pushed it back, deciding to get one another time. Then this beauty arrived. The creme de la creme of cash registers, this baby does it all–speaks in three languages, comes with money and a credit card, a microphone to announce store specials, even a scanner with special stickers so it can actually scan! My 6-year-old loves it as much as my 3-year-old. They immediately put the bar code stickers on all their fake food, and started scanning up a storm. What could be more fun? To order the Zillionz Talking Cash Register, $32.46, click here.


Looking for the perfect newborn gift? Look no further than the Pigamoose–half pig, half moose, and fully ready to be loved, this guy makes the perfect lovey. Originally created in 1967 by a mother for her newborn son, the Pigamoose has come to life again, wanting to spread joy to boys and girls. If you’re like me and love all things vintage, this is a toy for you. To order a Pigamoose (or donate one to Homes for the Homeless, Piagmoose’s charity partner), $30.00, click here.

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