My Favorite Holiday Cards 2011

My mantel of cards.

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I’m not going to lie… I am starting to hyperventilate with excitement that it’s almost holiday card time!!!! My kids and I just can’t wait for the mail to arrive and we count how many we received for the day, read each one together before bed time and then find a home for it on our mantel. I LOVE IT!!! And the more creativity that goes into it, the better. My usual front runner Danica once again did not disappoint last year, but I have to say my friends Natalie and Romesh’s took the cake (I somehow forgot to save it to post this year… maybe it’s because I had newborn twins at the time…hmmmm…). But to get your creative juices flowing, here are some fantastic holiday card options.

String of Lights
Hands down a major favorite! I can’t get away with it since I have FIVE kids to fill those photos (only takes 3 photos), but I sure hope to receive one from someone!
Prices start at $1.65 each for 24 — To order, click here!

Present in Plaid
An actual gift… that you unwrap! Good tidings, indeed!
Pricing starts at 24 for $1.64 each — To order, click here!

Be Merry
At Breezy Mama, we love us some Etsy! And Haley Prints is a personal fav who I turned to for my baby announcements. Maria is fantastic at creating one of a kind cards with designs you will treasure. Oh! And her pricing is VERY affordable! (Pssst… she prints on back sides, too, so if you are the type that likes to give your yearly update, could be an adorable way to do so).
Pricing starts at $40 for 25 cards. To order, click here!

Floating Stars
Anything that serves a double purpose RULES. In fact, if you take a look at the picture of my mantel again, you will see that receiving a card that I can actually hang would greatly come in handy!
Pricing starts at 10 for $37.50 — To order, click here!

Mobile Greetings
Yes, I’m going nuts over this one, too. The back side of this dangling photo design has a “trendy pattern”.
Pricing starts at 24 for $1.50 each — To order, click here!

Want to add an extra special touch? Upload a photo to to create personalized postage that’s sure to warm the recipient’s heart! Click here to get started.

And to capture that perfect picture yourself, read Tips for Taking the Perfect Family Photo — click here!

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  1. Perfect timing! I woke up this morning wondering what we’re gonna do for our cards this year. I wanted a family photo like we usually do but it’s tough to coordinate. You’ve given me some great individual photo ideas – those I have a lot of!

  2. I am hyperventilating too-but NOT with excitement! I can NEVER get a decent picture of all three of my kids! Been trying since August, I have yet to get a good enough one to send out. Love the string lights-then I can just find a good picture of each one, not ALL together in a picture-which never happens. Cute cards!

  3. Totally agree — The individual photos takes away the pressure, which is fantastic for my FIVE kids -lol.
    Can’t wait to see both your cards Kathy and Kelly!

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