Scarves: A Busy Mom’s Best Accessory

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We’ve heard from Breezy Mama‘s Fashion Editor, Vanessa, that a scarf is every woman’s must-have accessory, but how do you exactly wear it? Tica Tallent, personal shopper and author of What is Beautiful: Secrets From a Personal Shopper, is here to tell you why a scarf is a must, PLUS  she gives us various scarf tying instructions.

From Tica:

As a mom you may not have considered a simple scarf to be a “must have” in your top fifty list of needs, but trust me as a personal shopper I truly know how a scarf can help your busy life NOW!

I have a secret to tell you – you are important. Of course, your child or children are at the top of your list, but you need to take care of yourself as well. And that’s done by you taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and yes, even dressing well. I am not suggesting you run out today and buy a new wardrobe; what I am suggesting is that adding at least one fabulous scarf to your accessories might just turn a mediocre day into a memorable one.

The Tucked Tie: Add Color to a Bland Outfit

There are many, many ways to wear a scarf. The material you choose will determine your choices in placement.  I would recommend something washable in your very favorite color. And if you match your eye color, chances are it will go with many items you already have. When you have that last minute call to meet a friend, go to a great new restaurant with your husband, grab a movie, or just stroll your darling around the block – tying a fabulous scarf around your t-shirt and jean outfit will give you more than a fashion nod – it will remind you that you are indeed beautiful and do take time for yourself.

The Tucked Tie (photo at top) is a great option if you simply want to add a splash of color to your outfit. Place the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging behind you. Pull each end around your neck—you may need to do this twice depending on the length of your scarf. Tie a loose knot, bringing the ends under and through one of the layers.

The Slip Knot: Baby Proof and Great for Hiding Messes

Besides just adding to your appearance, there are practical reasons to wear a scarf as an accessory. Babies can play with it all they like – even spit up on it – and if you choose your fabric wisely – you just drop it in the wash when you get home. And having a scarf in your pocketbook comes in handy if a child does leave his mark on your shoulder!

To cover up an unexpected spot on your top try the Slip Knot. Fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and simply pull both ends of the scarf through the loop on the other side. You can either leave it loose or pull it close to your neck.

The Loose Wrap: Go From the Gym to Errands Easily

Many moms purchase wash-and-wear clothing for themselves, often in colors that “hold up” and aren’t that exciting to themselves or others. Also many times when moms do have an afternoon to themselves, they have so many errands that popping into the gym and then the grocery store is automatic. And you know ladies – that is when you run into the president of the P.T.A. or his old girlfriend. So as you dash out of the gym toward your next errand – tie on that fabulous scarf, add a lipstick to match and just DARE the critics to show themselves!!

This is probably the easiest way to toss on a scarf. Simply put it around the front of your neck with the ends hanging in the back. Then bring the ends around to each side so they hang evenly in the front. It’s simple, but chic.

You are important to so many people. It is time for you to be important to yourself. The next time you find yourself at a flea market, boutique or mall – look for the one accessory that will make you secretly smile when you tie it on! And as you pass that mirror, wink at yourself – knowing, yes, you are still you. There will be babies, and housework and relatives and to-do lists miles and miles long. But this time is fleeting and babies won’t be babies for long. And some day you might switch those cotton scarves to designer silk – but I know, deep in your heart your will yearn for the “cotton days”. I’m sure of that.

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About Tica: Tica Tallent is a former model, personal shopper with 15 years of experience, and most recently an author. Published by Ambassador International, What is Beautiful: Secrets From a Personal Shopper is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other retailers. Learn more at

To order Tica’s book What is Beautiful: Secrets From a Personal Shopper ($11.04 from Amazon), click here.

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