It’s All About the Wine, and the Tools to Go With It


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Ahhh, wine. To think there was a time in my life that I didn’t like the taste of it is unthinkable! These days, after a full day and the kiddos are finally in bed, nothing tastes sweeter than a glass of red wine. And these wine tools make it even more so.

Psssst–all of these would make GREAT holiday gifts for the wine drinkers in your life. Even better, bring one as a hostess gift to your Thanksgiving dinner!

2010 J. Lohr Estates Wildflower Valdiguié

Let’s start with the wine, and the 2010 J. Lohr Estates Wildflower Valdiguié is a perfect red to start with. Until I opened this baby, I was new to the Valdiguié grape–so new that I hadn’t even heard of it until this bottle was given to me as a gift. I drank it with some butternut squash raviloli that Cama made, and Oh-My-Goodness was it heavenly. A beautiful red in color, this wine was smooth, but robust in flavor. Filled with fruity flavors, it was velvety going down. To order your own bottle of 2010 J. Lohr Estates Wildflower Valdiguié, $10.00, click here.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Next comes the pour. You know how you open a bottle of wine, don’t finish it, and the next day it just doesn’t taste the same? Hold this aerator over your glass, pour the wine through it, and voila! you have great tasting wine. The aerator “enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine and speeds up breathing process by instantly aerating in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine.” To order your own Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator, $34.49, click here.

Govino Wine Glass

If you haven’t invested in stemless wine glasses, what are you waiting for? The greatest invention since sliced bread, the stemless glass is easy to throw in the dishwasher, carry around, and takes up less room in your cupboard. For those that like to take their wine outside, take a peek at the Govino Wine Glass. Though I haven’t tested it, the description makes it seem pretty darn cool. Made from proprietary, food-safe / pharmaceutical-grade polymer (PETG) the glasses are flexible, recyclable and shatterproof . (It’s the shatterproof adjective that caught my eye). They also have a notch for your thumb for easy gripping! To order your set of flexible, recyclable and shatterproof Govino Wine Glasses, $12.95 for 4, click here.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump

My husband and I were recently out on date night, and needed to kill time before our dinner table was ready. We went across the street to a wine tasting bar and ordered a glass. Since it was just about closing time, the woman who helped us was putting these plastic corks in the half-drunk bottles, and then pumping them up and down with the gadget you see above. Of course I had to know what in the world she was doing, and she explained that this nifty apparatus sucks the air out of the bottle, preserving your wine for 7 – 10 days. Of course I HAD to get one–and now I have no remorse for those nights when I open a bottle for just one glass. To order your Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump, $9.29, click here.

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  1. Alysha Barre says

    The Vinturi is a fav of mine! We affectionately call it “the gurgler” for the fun sound it makes : ) I think it turns a $6.99 bottle in to at least a $15.99 ; )

  2. I have used the flexible govino wine glasses and have been wondering where to get them from. Love them! They feel really good just holding in you hand, and securely with your thumb. They are Devine and well worth the purchase… Thx Alex 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for reviewing the J. LOHR Valdiguie. Serve this great wine with a little chill and you will really impress your friends. It is available every day at your local Albertson’s for under $10 dollars. Whether you have a glass of J.LOHR at the local Mommy happy hour, or open a bottle and cuddle up with Hubby at home, every bottle of J.LOHR is a crowd pleaser!

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