My Favorite Etsy Finds for Fall

Etsy guru, Maria Oliva-McKeen is back, this time, with the best of Etsy for the Fall season. . . (to see her Spring Etsy shop finds, click here).

From Maria:

Spring is not the only time for cleaning.  The beginning of a school year is also a time when many households reorganize wardrobes and home offices.  While perusing for this assignment, my goal was to bring you something soft and cozy as well as efficiency to some day-to-day tasks, including beer drinking.  Because let’s face it, after some long days, we could all use a cold one . . . even if it’s just a ginger beer.

Hers:  Knit one, purl two.  This absolutely gorgeous Selawik Cowl Button Wrap ($55) by Ozetta is the perfect addition to any wardrobe; from jeans and a tee to your Little Black Dress to maternity.  Modeled in the perfect shade of the season, Pumpkin, it can be handmade to order in over 30 yarn offerings including some vegan blends and various button colors. To order the Selawik Cowl Button Wrap ($55) by Ozetta, click here.

His:  Now that my husband will have to put his Reef Fanning Flip-Flops away most Fall days, fear not we won’t be without a bottle opener handy while watching sunsets on the beach.  Metalogical has solved the problem with this hand forged Bottle Opener Belt Buckle ($25).  Offered in a range of colors, finishes, and sizes, I prefer the Men’s Natural Finish version.  Yes, there is a women’s version, but I believe in a little chivalry and opening my ginger beer is one job they should really keep. To order the Bottle Opener Belt Buckle ($25), click here.

Kids:  I could not resist…especially with Halloween just around the corner, introducing The Raggedys’ ($90 for the set or $55 each) by Sweet Pea Toads.  These adorable knit hats made of cotton/wool blend yarns are perfect for cool Autumn strolls to the park and dress up play.  Sizes available from 0-24 months or custom to exact head measurements, your little Ann and Andy would be the talk of the park!  Sweet Pea Toads also offers a little Lion, Lamb, Bear or Chef that are all so cute! To order The Raggedys’ ($90 for the set or $55 each) by Sweet Pea, click here.

Gourmet:  If there is one routine thing I kept from my days working the 9-5s, it’s having my cup of coffee.  I’m not an addict. . . I don’t need more than a cup on a regular basis to function, but some mornings I need more than a caffeine pick me up.  This Hotness Mug Cozy ($16) by Knit Storm might just do the trick for my ego and maybe even the egos some of my mom pals.  Available in other colors and cute wordings as well as for tea lovers and to-go drinkers, my other favorites are “wakey!” and “sippy.” To order Hotness Mug Cozy ($16) by Knit Storm, click here.

Home:  Now that my girls are finally roommates, I’ve reclaimed the home office and have been looking for things to organize it in a way that doesn’t take up precious square footage.  What I would love is for everyone in my house to look up at something and know what the plan is for the day, week, or month.  Lately, I’ve been noticing some double booking. . . hmmm.  Well, I have found the answer: The Daily Dot Chalkboard Wall Calendar ($68) by Simple Shapes.  This 32″ square vinyl wall decal has a matte finish and can be written on using chalk or with a Chalk Ink Wet Wipe Marker ($5).  My other favorite is the “Something to Say” Dry Erase Message Board; it’s perfect for keeping everyone connected. To order the Daily Dot Chalkboard Wall Calendar ($68), click here.

Finally, keep the shopping fun by following a few simple tips.
1)  Communicate with the seller of any questions or concerns about the products.
2)  Most handmade goods are also homemade.  Be sure to ask if they produce the goods in smoke and/or pet free environments.
3)  Be kind and leave the seller some feedback.  I always feel better in my own online purchases when I’ve read customer reviews.

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About Maria Oliva-McKeen: Maria’s fashion career spans over 20 years starting as a “mall rat” leading to wholesale clothing where her clients were Nordstrom, Macy’s and several specialty shops. She paid her way through college as a personal shopper and merchant/visual manager for J. Crew.  Maria loves to shop with and for friends while also playing dress-up with her two daughters,  Devon and Taryn.  She is constantly on the hunt for the next great find.


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  1. Ok Seriously, those baby hats are adorable. I will be buying one for my sister in laws baby boy…

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