5 Great Catches: Random Things You Can’t Live Without

WIN!! Affinitas Intimates is giving away the underwear set you see here. View details at bottom of the post.

Yes, I said it in the title. Below are five completely random (as in they have nothing to do with one another) fantastic products that you can’t live without. The items below have helped me feel more organized, kept my sanity, and yes, given me a bit more . . . of a push up. Read on to see how the following can help your life as well.

Affinitas Intimates “Julia” Push Up Bra & Hipster

I received this underwear set in the nick of time. The nude bra which was my staple was purchased circa 1999 and the nude underwear that I wore with it was maternity underwear. Sad, very sad. I put on this number and boy, did it make my boobs look, well, a bit more vuluptous. And the underwear? Well, I’m no where near looking like “Julia,” but I do love them. Sexy, yet comfortable–you usually don’t hear those two words together. (One note–the ruffle that trims the edge of the bra can show through a form fitting shirt.)  Bra sizing is 32-36A, 32-38B,C,D,DD. Hipster S-XL. Affinitas Intimates “Julia” Push Up Bra & Hipster in Champagne Beige, $36.00 + $17.00. Click here to order.

Paul Mitchell Taming Spray

My daughter has a lion’s mane for hair. Straight at top, curly on the bottom, and going half way down her back, it can be terrible to comb through. I’ve tried other detangling sprays on the market, but none have performed like this bad boy. Spray it on when they wake up, comb through–no tears. It’s that easy. Plus, it has a really pleasant scent. Paul Mitchell Taming Spray, $8.95 (and free shipping!). Click here to order.

K Magic

The only thing wrong with this fantastic game/video console is that my kids love it so much, they constantly fight over it. Suitable for ages 0 – 6, the console comes with learning games, music and cartoons, all of which will entertain your little ones for hours. The games are educational and focus on visual, logics, senses and observations with three different levels of challenges. Great for the car, as well as at home and when you’re out and about, I highly recommend it. For more information on all that K-Magic does, click here. K Magic, prices vary according to the set you want. Click here to view and order.

Charming KEYper

When I was first asked to try out the Charming KEYper, I was a bit skeptical. At first look, it seemed like an ordinary lanyard, only cuter. I was promised, however, that it was much better than that, and once I had it, I couldn’t imagine NOT having it. So, I agreed to take a look, and yes, I love it. The idea is that you attach your keys on the clip, and then have the other end stick out of your purse, so you never have to go digging for them again. Ever feel panicked when you’re alone in a parking lot, it’s late, and you can’t find your key? No more–you’ll be able to pull out those babies with no problem. You can also use it to clip your purse to a chair (i.e. when you’re in a restaurant), your keys to a shopping cart, or to your beach chair. Hard to find keys are a thing of the past! Available in different colors and patterns as well. Charming KEYper, $10.99 (click here for 10% off). Click here to order.


Zippies are the new evolution in identification tags. Soft, pliable plastic, in a multitude of characters, these tags can hook on to your child’s water bottle, backpack, sweatshirt, lunchbox–the ideas are endless. Parents can write the name/phone number of the child, while kids can identify which items is theirs by the character. When they arrived, my kiddos went crazy, each picking out their own for their stuff, as well as wanting to spread the love and give them to their friends and babysitters. To attach, you can use the rubber loop, or detach it to clip to a key ring. Zippies, $3.99 each, $15.95 for five, or $29.95 for the entire set. Click here to order.

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  1. I am embarrased to say that I bought a new bra this year after SIX years of nursing bras and 3 beautiful kiddos, of course! I usually spend between $60-80 for a good bra. Hope it won’t be 6 years before the next one 🙂

  2. Wow…I will have to say, not very often over a year for undies and 2 or 3 for bras). BUT with me back “on the market” as of last week, I may have to take my lingerie drawer up a notch!

  3. The last time I bought lingerie for me was way before my two little ladies came along which was over 5 years ago! I can’t consider nursing bras lingerie nor the granny panties that seem to accompany them following the weight gain.
    When I did splurge on bras, I’d spend anywhere from $20-$50 on a bra and $5-$25 for undees. I’ve finally lost that baby weight and am ready to move on with some new finds!

  4. I would have to say its not that often that I purchase lingerie, probably about every 2 years or so…..when I do buy anything like that for myself I will usually spend around $50.

  5. Real lingerie shopping? Can’t even remember the last time! I sadly usually end up buying packaged undies at Target or somewhere like that. I have some really “nice” lingerie that does not get worn in the daily rotation so it seems to last forever. Would so love to change that! I will usually spend $30 or so for a good comfy bra. And then, I usually wear it until it wears out. Would love to go do some serious lingerie shopping one day. But unfortunately that kind of shopping is usually pretty low in the list of budget items. The Affinitas Intimates look very nice and are reasonably priced. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Not often enough is how often I shop for lingerie. I just had a baby in July, so my bra size has changed quite a lot over the last year- and will change again! I guess I usually spend about $25 for a bra.

  7. I just stopped nursing so I had to buy a new size at Target and before that I had to buy nursing bras…at Target. So I probably spend about $20-ish. I know I should spend more on myself (I deserve it!) but I can’t stomach how expensive it adds up to be since you need a number of them to get through until the next laundry day.


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