This Season’s Hottest Reusable Water Bottles


WIN!! thinksport is giving away one of their awesome insulated bottles–see below for details!

The reusable water bottle has come a long way since Sigg exploded on to the scene about five years back. These days you can get them insulated, you can recycle them–you can even take them apart. Yes, the bottle can do just about anything. I use my obsession with gear to find you this season’s hottest options, all which of course, have been tested by moi to make sure they live up to what they tout. Read on to get in the know. . .

thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle

This baby said that it could keep hot things hot, and cold things cold, so I really put it to the test. Test #1–fill with water and ice, and leave in car during hot summer day. Open, sip, ahhhhh, pure refreshment. (Yes, really.) Test #2–fill with hot coffee, go for a surf, come back in and sip. Oh, so cozy and warming. Yes, it stayed hot. The lid comes apart in two places–the big part for easy filling, and the little part for easy sipping. It also comes with a mesh filter that can be insert into the drinking hole so you don’t get hit by ice, and you can brew your own tea. How cool is that? From the site:

  • Double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel – keeps contents hot or cold for hours
  • Perfect of hot or cold beverages – does not sweat (for cold contents) or burn your hand (for hot contents)
  • Unsurpassed testing for material safety – our products undergo rigorous chemical and biologic testing to insure they do not contain toxic chemicals
  • Available sizes: 750ml (25oz) and 350ml (12oz)
  • Available colors: Natural Silver, Matte Black, and Blue, Purple, Green and Orange

thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle, $19.99 (25 oz). Click here to order.

Vapur Anti-Bottle

As I’ve mentioned before, when we go to the beach, we’ve got a ways to shlep our stuff. So, I was super excited to try out these collapsible bottles–fill them up before we go, drink at the beach and then, as you go back up to your car, your bag is much less lighter. They have a sports cap, so they were easy to drink, and easy to hold as well. But my favorite feature? The fact that they are of lightweight material, but can still be used in the dishwasher–brilliant! From the site:

  • Foldable – Stands upright when full.  Rolls, folds or flattens when empty.
  • Reusable and Safe – Ultra-durable, BPA-free with FDA-approved polyethylene inner-liner (odor, taste and stain resistant).
  • Freezable – Can be frozen to keep beverages cold.
  • Attachable – Included carabiner can be attached to any bag, purse or backpack.
  • Identifiable – Writable area on back for easy identification.

Vapur Anti-Bottle, $9.99. Click here to order.


If you’re looking to save money, and leave less of a “footprint” on our planet, then the Bobble is for you. It contains a replaceable filter that can be used up to 300 times (or 40 gallons) and which removes chlorine and organic contaminants from your faucet’s water, so you can go ahead and fill it with water from your tap–it’ll taste just as good. I’m by no means a “tap water drinker” (the water in the city where I went to college was so bad it turned me off forever) but I guzzled up water from my faucet and actually enjoyed it. From the site:

  • Made in the USA
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Made from recycled PET and is 100% recyclable
  • Comes in three sizes: 34 oz, 18.5oz and a 13oz

 Bobble, prices vary depending on size. Click here to order

 Liberty Bottleworks

At first look, Liberty may seem like just another reusable bottle, but it’s far from that. Tapered like a wine bottle, there is no splashing when drinking, which is key, because it has a wide mouth for ice and easy cleaning. The cap also has a patent pending threadless design–all it takes to secure the cap is a 1/4 twist–the same for taking it off. Lastly, they support the arts–each one of their designs is created by a local, small artist, so you end up having a ultra-hip graphic on your bottle. Available in 24 oz or 32 oz. From the site:

  • The ONLY American made metal bottle in the marketplace.
  • Recycled and Recyclable.
  • Deep Drawn Aluminum Construction. Less dents, greater durability, and precision construction.
  • Flexible Food Grade Coatings insure no chips or flakes end up in your water. Unlike uncoated metal bottles, our coating insures no heavy metal leaching or porous surface for bacteria build up.
  • Liberty Bottles exceed FDA requirements, are nontoxic and non-leaching. Independent Lab Certified to be 100% BPA FREE.

Liberty Bottleworks, $16.00 or $18.00, depending on size. Click here to order.

ALEX Bottle

My husband gave me this bottle for my birthday (get it, my name is Alex). I instantly fell in love with it’s unique design. See that band in the middle? That’s where you twist to open it in half. That simple band makes for easy cleaning (ever wonder how clean you’re actually getting that water bottle?) and easy storing. The two halves nest inside one another, so you can afford to get a big bottle, and store it in your cupboard. If you really want to get crazy, you can mix and match tops and bottoms from other ALEX bottles! From the site:

  • Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • BPA FREE Polypropylene #5 Cap and CST
  • 50% recycled bottle, 100% recyclable
  • ALEX wears eco-friendly powdered paint
  • ALEX + dishwasher = BFF
  • Fits ice cubes, but not rapper Ice Cube
  • Strap made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Fits cup holders in most cars and spaceships
  • Cap covers bottle lip to protect from germs
  • Smoothie, powder drink and oatmeal friendly
  • Conceived in the USA, Responsibly born in Indonesia

ALEX Bottle, $25.95 (20 oz) and $29.95 (32 oz). Click here to order.

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WIN!! Love these and want one for yourself? Well you’re in luck because thinksport is giving away one insulated water bottle to a lucky reader. To enter, in the comment section below, tell us what you use for a reusable water bottle–if you do at all. One reader’s comment will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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  1. Lisa Burry says

    We use Camelbak water bottles, but would love to try others.

  2. Laura Beth Meyers says

    I work as a registered nurse in a physician’s office and there is little to no humidity present. This makes for a very dry environment and a very dry throat when you sit and talk to patients all day long on the phone! I have a plastic cup with lid and straw that I fill about 5-6 times in an 8-hr day as the ice doesn’t last long and no-one wants to drink lukewarm water! I would so appreciate one of these bottles as it would be insulated and keep my ice from melting and allow me to keep my good habit of drinking water all day without having to make multiple trips to the breakroom (3 floors down) for ice! Thanks for considering me and good luck to all of the other entrants! God bless Breezy Mama for making us all aware of these wonderful new products on the market! Have a blessed day! :o)

  3. amanda neiley says

    We use thermos, but that thinksport looks awesome! Would love to try it out.:D

  4. I use Sig water bottles when we’re on the go most of the time. They’re hard to clean out though.

  5. Wow! Who knew there were so many options for water bottles?!?! Time to try something other than the Sigg – that’s what we still use.

  6. I have a camelback, Nalgene and a Sigg. I have not found an option that I can use for winter though!

  7. myha nguyen says

    We need something to keep milk cold and also to keep hot water hot to mix with concentrated formula or warm breastmilk.

  8. I’ve been using a 25oz Thinksport (made here in South Austin) for the past summer – hottest on record. Occasionally a friend (usually a cyclist or runner) will take a swig… “whoa, I need to get one of these”… And they do, and they love it like me 🙂

  9. I just re-use the plastic water bottles themselves…I know…a *bad* idea, so I really *need* to win one of these!!! 🙂

  10. I would really love to try a thinksport bottle because I currently use a water bottle provided by work but it is not bpa-free.

  11. We use klean kanteen and I am on the search for something just like this. We need one for all of us. We take our waters everywhere. It’s the lady thing I ask as we walk out if the house…”dies everyone have there waters?”. We really want some that stay cold so this was perfect today:). Thanks so much!!!!!

  12. I would take it to the gym for my athletic conditioning class. I drink a lot of water during that hour and 15 minutes. It would be great to keep it cold.

  13. We use kleen kanteen. I like that they’re metal. But it’s hard to clean and doesn’t stay cold. I’d love to try the thinksport!

  14. I use a Camelbak reusable water bottle everyday! It is important for me to stay hydrated at work so I feel energized and refreshed. Also, working with preschoolers with and without special needs is extremely physically demanding. Having a reusable water bottle is key in helping me get through the day without running the risk of dehydrating!

  15. I use an insulated Polar Bottle every day. I would love to try one of these. I am always on the lookout for a great insulated water bottle that is also good for the environment!

  16. I recently saw the collapsible water bottle and was wondering if it was a good water bottle. I was thinking it would be nice after you finished your drink you could just store it in your purse.

  17. I use a not very exciting rubbermaid water bottle because the opening is actually big enough to hold ice. I tried a sigg-like contraption that was a promotional product but if it can’t hold ice cubes nothing stays particularly cold and I can’t drink lukewarm water. I tried it but I just ended up chucking 80% of the contents because it’s not particularly refreshing after that. Plus I couldn’t get in and really clean it due to the small opening so I felt gross about putting anything in there that might mildew like iced tea.


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