Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett Talk Parenting

The set of NBC’s new show Up All Night will truly be a family affair with stars Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett all having small children. Breezy Mama had the opportunity to attend the NBC TCA event in Los Angeles on Monday and got the scoop from the three stars. Oh! And of course I HAD to ask Maya about a possible Bridesmaids sequel… which was even better than the bottle of wine, box of chocolates and mocha I was handed when I arrived. Don’t get me started on my TWO visits to the massage room… after texting all this to my husband he wondered if I would ever come back… if he and my kids had been with me the answer would be no… at least until the chocolate ran out.

Back to that other family affair, the comedy is about parents adjusting to life with a newborn (which I found out on Facebook is actually the twins of a good college friend of mine and born the same time my twins were!). Naturally, we can all relate to how tired we were back when those first bundles of joy arrived. In fact, Maya Rudolph could a little more than she perhaps would have liked as she looked exhausted. Mind you, her third child was recently born, a 4-week-old son!

“I just pumped a half hour ago,” she shared with a room full of reporters (and one Breezy Mama… Sing it with me: which one of us is not like the others…. ).

Will Arnett with his on-screen daughter.

Doing the show for Will Arnett, hubby to Amy Poehler and father to their adorable blonde boys ages 1  and 2 1/2, was a no-brainer. “When I got the script, I said ‘This is something I relate to.’”

In fact, when his son saw the show, he asked if that’s “Dada’s brother.” When Will explained that it was actually Dada, his son asked, “Is that Dada’s baby?” To which Will replied, “No.” And his son said, “That’s a real baby, Dada!”

Speaking of the twins that are playing the baby in the show, Christina said, “Their hair smells so good. I just want to snuggle up with them. They’re my surrogate babies.”

The mother to 6-month-old Sadie is having a tough time being apart. When asked if she is having separation anxiety she answered, “Horrible. I cried all the way to work. I had to have Sadie come here today because I was losing it.”

Having started the show when her baby was only 2 1/2 months, things will change going forward allowing everyone to keep their kids close. “Before we were on location and we didn’t have good trailers, but now we’ll have a common room and everyone can bring their kids,” Christina shared.

All three agree their own experiences will find their way into the show. “I’ve got three kids. I’m a crazy person,” Maya said and I for once did NOT respond, “Oh, I’ve got your crazy.

And Will, who’s kids were sick the night before, feels the title of the show hits home. “I was literally up all night.”

As for parenting advice, Maya said, “It’s funny when you think back on the parent you THOUGHT you would be before you had kids and how you judge other parents. Then you give in to the reality of it and just wing it.”

Will she wing another Bridesmaids?!?!? “I hope so,” she answered with a smile… although not nearly has huge as mine.

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  3. Valerie Sorrells says

    Great article…two massages and chocolate?????

  4. Can’t wait to see this show! Thanks for the article!


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