5 Great Catches: Summer Survival

Listen, I’ve got 5 kids (yes, five) home this summer and I know not every moment will be just beachy. That being said, I find if I have an answer to, “What are we doing now?” ahead of time with my plan in place, that sometimes killer afternoon can actually be turned into fun. Here are some products that have been giving boredom the beat down.

I Can Make That!: Fantastic Crafts for Kids
Let’s get this straight: I am not crafty. When I finally try and pretend to be, nothing irks me more than difficult directions to follow. Hello! When a project is intended for kids, it should be easy enough for them to follow. Enter: I Can Make That. Love this book! The crafts are so easy to follow — generally requiring items we already have around the house — that we can make them together or they have been making them on their own! Even better? You can play with what you make! Gone are the days of taking 2 seconds to make something just to then have a mess and to find a place around the house for it. We’re talking make finger puppets with a puppet show stage type things or your, er, their own train to play with. Again, things I — world’s most non-crafty person — can do! Get this book and look forward to the pre-dinner hours.
Purchase from Amazon for $12.71 (vs. $16.95) — click here!

Doodle Roll
Bring on the travel! Check out how perfect this conveniently packaged roll of paper and accompanying crayons is to take on the go! Perfect for car travel, plane travel with kids… heck! Perfect for the beach or doctor’s office. Just toss it in your purse and release your child’s inner artist on a whim.
$4.39click here!

Find It Games Popular Veggie Tales
I admit it: This stayed in the box for a very long time. All I saw were small parts my 7 month twins could choke on and a HUGE mess. Boy! I was WRONG! This game is fantastic and also perfect for travel! The parts stay inside — it doesn’t even open (don’t let the photo fool you) — and kids just keep turning it until they find each object inside and have marked it off on their “score” card. Adorable! And time consuming for the long drive or, again, that late afternoon when Mama is too tired after a long day to do much else.
Purchase from Amazon for $21.57 (vs. $28.99) — click here!

Say Please Lunch Box Notes
Got a kid in summer camp and want to sneak a li’l sweet note in their lunch? Check out these heartfelt notes that also include fun trivia. And you can sign a li’l note of your own. Plus, a portion of profits is used to help feed children around the world.
$3.99 — click here!

All I Want
And nothing like a dance party! Check out this uber popular Nick Jr artist David Weinstone that Jon Stewart says, “You will listen to David’s music… even when your kids are not around.” It’s sure to get the giggles going.
To purchase from Amazon for $15.01 — click here!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Chelsea, you are amazing!

    Here is another one for the kit: Ryan, my 8 year old daughter is working on collecting post cards from family and friends in all of the 50 states. It’s fun and educational, and everyone that I’ve asked has been excited to help out!

  2. That is so cute Carolyn – I love it! Thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks for another great article with fabulous suggestions. I’m trying hard to limit screen time and make this summer happy and productive for all. These suggestions will help!

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