Refreshing Body Washes

Let’s face it, the one time a mom gets five minutes to herself is usually in the shower. Why not make the most of it and indulge in a good-for-you body wash with a  yummy fragrance and creamy lather? When you’re done, you’ll have that “just stepped out from the spa” feeling which will instill a calm and peacefulness within you, making you ready to tackle the next stain, diaper change, tears, runny nose. . . you get the picture.

I.C.O.N. One Soul Hair and Body Shampoo

Rarely have I come across a body wash that will also do wonders on my hair. In my experience, if it works for both it means that my hair will be dry and brittle. Not so with this product. I was amazed at how lovely and soft my locks were after using it. And, it does wonders as soap as well! Lathers nicely and smells great. Bonus, it’s not a girly smell, so my husband can use it which means for the two of us, we only have one bottle for soap and one for shampoo! The product is also sulfate-free. Fantastic! I.C.O.N. One Soul Hair and Body Shampoo, $21.49. Click here to order.

Maile Organics Plumeria Body Wash

Nothing says Hawaii like the sweet scent of plumeria. Ahhhhh. Maile Organics creates the yummiest of scents, with the richest of lathers, I can never get enough of them. Their body washes are infused with aromatic Hawaiian hydrosols and therapeutic botanicals, making your skin soft and  hydrated. Even sweeter–70% of the body wash’s ingredients are produced by certified organic farming techniques. Maile Organics Plumeria Body Wash, $28.00 Click here to order.

Valley Green Naturals Hydration Plus Organic Bath and Shower Wash

I don’t know what I like better–the fact that the couple who started Valley Green Naturals gave up city living to move to a colonial-era farm in Virginia in order to turn a hobby of soap making into a business, or the fact that this shower wash is not only great for cleaning yourself up, but for shaving too! The soap has only a handful of ingredients, all of which are natural–certified organic saponified oils of coconut, jojoba and olive, vegetable glycerin/gum extract, rosemary extract, pure essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils (depending on fragrance choice). AND, each product from their line is blended, bottled, labeled and shipped entirely on site. Valley Green Naturals Hydration Plus Organic Bath and Shower Wash, $12.50. Click here to order.

Pacifica Waikiki Pikake Body Wash

The last time I ventured to Colorado to stay with my dear friend Erica, she gave me a couple of Pacifica products to use and take home. I fell in love. And not only because I heart Waikiki, but because the entire product just takes me away. From the packaging, to the scent, to the sulfate-free soap, the entire body wash, inside and out, is just plain luxurious. Pacifica Waikiki Pikake Body Wash, $10.00. Click here to order.

Lather Cranberry Orange Body Wash

I first used Lather while staying in a posh hotel for a wedding. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to hotel cleansers, but I was taken by surprise by how nice it was. Fast forward six months, and when I was sent the full sized line, in a variety of scents, I loved it even more. This Cranberry Orange blend is pure bliss. The wash contains sweet almond protein, which has anti-irritant properties. The result? A gentle body wash that is great for sensitive skin. It’s also paraben- and sulfate-free. Lather Cranberry Orange Body Wash, $18.00. Click here to order.

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