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Recently, I received a phone call from my neighbor, “Alex? Do you mind coming over for a second and looking at my daughter’s rash? I haven’t seen anything like it, and I wanted to ask your opinion.” Never one to miss such an opportunity (kidding, well, kinda. . .) I went over right away and immediately declared, “Hives!” (Which of course was followed up with a disclaimer, but I digress. . .) We went through what her daughter was recently exposed to which may have caused an allergic reaction. We finally hit upon a new lotion she had tried. Her response? “Dang! It’s the least expensive organic brand!” To which I said, “There are a ton of brands out there, but they are small(er) companies and you may not have heard of them.” And now, I present this piece. . . making it breezy girls, that’s what we do here.

Since I covered carcinogen-free baby wash last year, I based this one on being SLS-free. Why is SLS such a bad thing? I’m going to quote straight from the exederm site (which has a product featured below):

  • SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) is the most common irritant – this is a harsh detergent ingredient that creates the foam or bubbles in cleansers or washes.
  • Dermatologists use SLS as a “positive control” in allergy patch tests – It’s that irritating.

All of the brands featured here are pure and gentle, without a toxin in site. And, there’s something for everyone under the age of 13. . .

Vermont Soap Certified Organic Baby Wash and Fine Hair Shampoo

Vermont Soap has great choices for both baby and adult. I loved each of the “smells” which I tested, and this baby one was great on both of my kids (ages 5 and 2). The title says that it’s for fine hair, but I tried it on my son, who basically has duck feathers for hair, and it came out clean as a whistle. The soap has a glycerin smell, which brings back fond memories of being at my Grandmother’s house. Vermont Soap Certified Organic Baby Wash and Fine Hair Shampoo, $8.78. Click here to order.

Joon Natural Beauty Body Mist

I have to admit, I was a little wary of trying a body mist aimed at tweens, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The mist was very lightly fragranced (I used the vanilla scent) and I didn’t feel like a teenager. Instead, it was quite refreshing. Aimed at girls 6 – 12 years old, Joon is passionate about creating a chemical free environment for girls today. The products are sold at Whole Foods, making it easier to keep your girl’s bathroom stocked. Joon Natural Beauty Body Mist, $7.99. Click here to order.

exederm Ultra Sensitive Skincare cleansing baby bath

exederm’s mission is to avoid any ingredient that may cause eczema. As a result, you know that only the mildest ingredients can be found in any of their products. This cleansing baby bath has no scent and is almost milky in texture, yet, it cleaned my son’s “duck feathers” extremely well. exederm Ultra Sensitive Skincare cleansing baby bath, $12.99. Click here to order.

Nature Certified Organic Oil Blend for Baby and Child

Admittedly, oil is not something that I usually use after a good cleaning of my kiddos. It’s sticky, greasy, and hard to get them into their jammies after. Not so with this product; I love it! A blend of olive, grapeseed, and coconut oils mixed with the royal fruit of cardamom, it’s like putting on a luxurious lotion–sinks right into the skin making it soft and silky. Nature Certified Organic Oil Blend for Baby and Child, $15.95. Click here to order.

Green Babies energizing bubble bath

Bubble bath is something I steer clear from. The thought of having my kids soak in soap just grosses me out. Added to this is the likely assumption that both Mr. Bubble and the character brands are filled with chemicals, just turns me off even more. There are two exceptions to this rule: California Babies Colds & Flu which I use when the children are feeling icky, and this one by Green Babies. Using a blend of cucumber, apple and pear, the scent is truly energizing, and as I dry the kiddos off, they smell so clean. It also makes gigantic bubbles, which adds a bunch of giggles to the whole bath time routine. Green Babies energizing bubble bath, $10.99. Click here to order.

Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream

Chelsea tested out this lotion and she was raving about how great it was. Although meant for her children, she was coveting it for herself. More than a cream, it contains zinc for added sun protection (note: there’s no SPF) plus organic rosemary, helping to repel insects and calm sensitive skin. It’s also a vegan and gluten free product, which is an added bonus. Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream, $19.95 (currently on sale from $25.99). Click here to order.

Breezy Tip: Make sure to check out each of these brands’ websites for more information and a listing of ingredients. Most of the above are vegan ad gluten free, and each brand has a great selection of other product types too. Also, make sure to check out our past favorites, which are also SLS-free: Little Twig and episencial!

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  1. Jacqueline says

    What about good, plain, old Cetaphil bar soap and lotion?

  2. love it! thanks so much, alex!

  3. just got the oil and tried it on devon…loved it because i didn’t have to put any lotion on her after her bath. she was soft, smooth and sweet-smelling! the con was that it left her bathtub on the slippery side which could be hazardous. i’ll still keep using it with very close supervision! thanks again!


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