Items of the Week: 5 Great Catches

Baby, you better believe it! 5 buzz-worthy products that all begin with the letter B. Let’s start at the beginning.

Bottle Washer
Ahhh… the answer to my pet peeve. It’s been driving me crazy to have to rinse and wash bottles non-stop. Enter the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Sterilizer. Simply fill with water, stack in the bottles and press a button and 5 minutes later you have sterilized bottles! This handy apparatus kills 99.9% of germs without chemicals or dishwasher residue. UnBelievable!
$88.99 — To purchase, click here!

I loves me some Etsy. First, the products are fabulous and second, I like supporting other mom businesses. As I prepare to head into solids with my twins, I was already dreading bibs that don’t do their job when low and Behold, Meagan wrote in to tell me about hers from Baby Swank. She says, “It’s my one-of-a-kind baby & toddler bib called a Washcloth Bib. It’s got a fabric top & a coordinating washcloth for the bottom.” Did she say Bottom?
$16 — To purchase, click here!
Pssst… enter code BMAMALOVE and save 15%!

Bring Back Beatrice
If only you could have been in the room when I opened a package to find this book! First, I’m a huge fan of names that aren’t uber popular. Second, I love to name things and am certain a fish or some other easy pet will one day get a moniker out of this baby naming book and third, I named one of my twins Beatrice! Check out the 1,108 names with “character, meaning and a little bit of attitude” yourself. Simply Beautiful!
$8.05 — To purchase, click here!

A Book for YOU
I recently had the pleasure of meeting author Sarah Maizes at the Rio premiere and she is hilarious! It’s no surprise that her book Got Milf? The Modern Mom’s Guide to Feeling Fabulous, Looking Great, and Rocking a Minivan is, too. As she says, “You are either a MILF or a MILF-dud.” Bring it!
$11.20 — To purchase, click here!

Yes, I am an ambassador (ahem). Yes, we are giving one away to a subscriber. BUT I must sing its praises!!! I am so oBsessed with my BOB Revolution SE Duallie that I wanted to Brag about it in something other than one of my sponsored posts for them. It’s such an awesome ride that even my sitters get excited when they get to use it. Love it!
$659 — To purchase, click here!

And of course you still have a chance to win one! To enter, subscribe to Breezy Mama — it’s free! Hurry and enter your email here:

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  1. this is so cool. I love my bob stroller and want that bottle washer. it’s really cool. thanks for posting.


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