Meet Cindy Barshop: The Newest New York Real Housewife

Cindy BarshopRecently I said to a mom friend, if you want to understand me, watch the TV channel Bravo because that’s mainly all I speak. Yes, it started with The Real Housewives of Orange County and has grown with many, many shows from there. Speaking of the ‘ol “Wives” franchise, it would be impossible to pick my favorite, but NY definitely makes my top 3. And with Bethenny out doing her own show (yes, I watch it faithfully, too), there was some room for Cindy Barshop. Breezy Mama had to get to know who I will be watching (oh, and, get this – she has toddler twins), plus as owner of the spa Completely Bare, she talks vatooing (um, that’s a tattoo on your… well… just read on…).

How does if feel to be the new Housewife?

It was fun! Challenging. Now that I look back I can’t believe how calm I was – must have the baby brain!

Can we expect any drama from you?

Of course! Every day of my life has drama.

How are you hoping to come across to the public when the show starts?

I actually like who I am, so I hope it came across that way. I acted like I would have any day of the week, in front of the cameras or not…

How did your participation on the show come about?

I was friends with Ramona, and loved the show. When the opportunity came about, it was a great motivation to lose the baby weight, too!

Had you watched the show before being named the newest wife?

I was on bed rest for months with my girls, so I had the opportunity to watch. Now, with managing my spas & being a full-time mother of twins, it’s harder to catch every episode.

Before you started taping the show, were there any “wives” you were afraid to meet?

No. There are many, many other things in life to be afraid of.

Were you at all nervous?

I wasn’t really nervous but being a part of the show was definitely a challenge. I probably have more fears now!

Your twins are adorable! Any tips for raising two babies?

Patience. When you lose patience, find more patience. Being grateful for every single moment, and remembering to be thankful for what you have is really, really important.

When did you open your spa, Completely Bare?

I opened my first location, on Madison Ave, 13 years ago. Wow, it’s been such a long time!

How did starting it come about?

I, like most other girls, wanted a solution to unsightly hair in my bikini area. Most of the places I went for waxing just didn’t seem up to par for me. Then, after researching laser hair removal, I wanted to make it more available for the masses.

Breezy Mama once did a VERY popular post on “Waxing Down There” almost a year ago. For laser removal, is there a particular style that’s current in the ‘ol area, um, down there?

The trends in laser hair removal & waxing kind of goes with fashion. As the trends get more risqué, so do styles in the bikini area! We’ve also seen fun trends, like with our vatooing & vajeweling.

If you are like me and were wondering, VATOOING?! You can check out this video on Jezebel

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  1. hi cindy looking forward to watching u on was wondering if @ all possible u had advise 2 give 2 my daughter on her business which is also a spa she is currently looking into moving her spa to a different state. ty


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