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Have you seen the ads for Bravo’s new reality show Pregnant in Heels yet? Ohhhh… my DVR and I are counting the minutes. Breezy Mama got a chance to chat with the star, Rosie Pope who caters to the VERY rich as a maternity concierge, fashion designer, and pregnancy guru. From some of the more bizarre requests (hello strippers at a baby shower) to how she ended up in this biz, Rosie shoots the breeze…

Wow! The preview of your new show with a mom having a board meeting to discuss possible baby names seems outrageous! Can you tell us about some other, um, interesting requests or situations you have run into as a baby planner for the wealthy?

There are so many it is hard to know where to begin! I’ve arranged for a nude painting on a horse, a green nursery where even the mobiles run on solar power, baby showers with male strippers dressed as babies, Nanny Olympics to find the ultimate Nanny, complete parenting coaching for a stay at home dad from diapering all the way through to coaching his wife in labor.

How did you get started in this field?

I created the maternity line Rosie Pope Maternity (available in our Madison Ave store, at local maternity boutiques and at and my prenatal and postpartum education and wellness center, MomPrep, studio also on Madison Avenue in response to feeling very underwhelmed with the choices when I was pregnant. I truly believe this amazing time in life should be celebrated and that we are of a generation of parents that want prenatal and postpartum education. They want to be the best they can be and that is where I come in. As my businesses evolved I started getting requests from individuals to coach them through their pregnancies and to help fulfill their pregnancy wishes. Over time the coaching and requests have become more outlandish and my team of experts more vast!

At what point did you know your business was headed for success?

When I had to start turning down requests because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do them all!

It seems your line of work deals with a lot of difficult personalities. What’s your secret to not losing your patience?

Jelly Beans! I have them in our store, studio and office. Truthfully though it is remembering that no matter how outlandish the request or demanding the client, at the end of the day my clients just want to be the best parents they can be and celebrate this amazing time in their lives. I think that is a beautiful thing. It helps give both me and them perspective in crazy moments!

Now that you are Bravo’s newest star, are you ready for fame?

No, I’m in complete denial that I have to stop wearing my sweat pants to pick up my oldest son from school!

How did having your own show come about?

I was 9 months pregnant with my first son and past my due date and the construction on our first store was not finished in time. A producer walked past and saw me screaming at the contractors and thought “what is better than this….a pregnant woman working with pregnant women, running a business…TV magic!”

What is your best advice for expectant moms?

Preparation. This is the most important role of your life, so prepare accordingly.

What has been one of the more rewarding aspects of your job as a baby concierge?

Watching my clients evolve into amazing parents. No matter where we begin they almost always end up with their hearts and minds in the right place and that is completely focused on being brilliant parents.

At what point did you start designing maternity fashion?

I started designing just before I become pregnant with my oldest son.

What is one of your favorite pieces?

Montauk Dress. It is effortlessly elegant and completely comfortable (available at

Do you have a top tip for staying stylish, yet comfy while preggers?

Don’t change your style just because you are pregnant (trust me, no bows or polka dots necessary just because you are preggers!). Find maternity designs that fit who you were before your pregnancy but also fit your shape now that you are pregnant.

Anything else you’d like to share?

While my concierge clients can be extreme, don’t forget we have the A-Z of prenatal and postpartum classes for everyone at our MomPrep studio and my maternity line covers everything from T’s to baby shower dresses and diaper bags.

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