A Watch for Every Mood

I’ve always been a little obsessed with watches. It all started when I was a toddler–I can still remember staring at my mother’s Wonder Woman watch, wishing it were mine (and today it is–thank you Mommy.) Next, my grandmother presented me with a yellow Swiss Miss watch that she sent away for after gathering enough UPC codes from the bottom of hot chocolate boxes. I don’t think the watch left my wrist until . . . I went to visit my father in Germany and got up-close and personal with a brand called Swatch. Yes, you know the one. Let’s just say that I came home from Germany with a Swatch collection. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Here are five watches, one to suit your every mood. (Next month, I’ll let you in on my clock collection. . . Kidding, well, not really.)

For the Modern Girl. . .

Nixon Chalet Watch

How dope (yes, I really said that) is this watch? More a statement piece than something that tells time, this is one wristwatch that you’ll be wearing til the end of time (no pun intended). Nixon Chalet Watch, $199.95. Click here to purchase.

For the Classic Girl. . .

Anne Klein Easy to Read Silver-Tone Casual Watch

My current Swiss Army Watch is a lot like this one–no frills, goes with anything, and you can easily see what time it is as you’re chasing your kiddos through the playground. And you just can’t beat the price. Anne Klein Easy to Read Silver-Tone Casual Watch, $36.10. Click here to purchase.

For the Casual Girl. . .

Freestyle Unisex Polyurethane Watch

Who didn’t have a Shark Freestyle Watch while in high school? Relieve your younger years (when you were wearing neon) by busting this beauty out. Freestyle Unisex Polyurethane Watch, $35.00. Click here to purchase.

For the Sporty Girl. . .

The Wrist Jockey

For you efficient types, the Wrist Jockey is perfect. Designed to hold your iPod nano, you can listen to music as your work out, and when done, switch your nano to the watch mode. Easy to  put in the Wrist Jockey, you also have easy access to all of your nano’s buttons, ports, and functions (including charging or syncing your iPod nano without removing it). The Wrist Jockey, $29.99. Click here to purchase.

For the Flashy Girl. . .

Tokyo Flash Pimpin

Like all things Japanese? Futuristic is your deal? Loved Tron? Then here’s your watch. Yes, you may need to go back to college in order to learn how to read it, but what does that matter when it looks so cool? Tokyo Flash Pimpin, $149.99. Click here to purchase.

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  1. WANT – no NEED that Nixon watch! Check out these also:

    a bit cheaper and tons of colors!

  2. Alex, loved your tale of watch collecting. At the time, I didn’t recognize it as an obsession, just a girl who was asking me to invest alot of money in the Swatch company! And yes, tell your readers about your clock collection.

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