The Ultimate Wardrobe Fix for your Best Assets!

The Queen of Caboodle, Kelly, is back, giving us the 411 on what to do when the traditional bra just won’t cut it. . .

From Kelly:

Don’t you hate it when you find the perfect dress to wear only to find you can’t wear a bra with it and you NEED a little coverage?   Or in my case, I don’t fill out the top of the dress? I can’t tell you the countless times I have bought a wrap-style top or dress only to discover that I have to use a safety pin in the middle to keep the top closed. Living in fear of a wardrobe malfunction (i.e. nip slip) in the middle of a board meeting or cocktail party is just no fun!  Or, perhaps you’re happy with your “girls,”but they just need a little lift.  If any of these scenarios sound like you, then read on, my friend–your wardrobe solutions are here!

I road tested five products that help cover, conceal, lift or volumize your best assets depending on what your needs are–so you can wear that sexy dress with confidence.  What you want people to see, they will.  Better yet, what you DON’T want them to see will stay under wraps.

Problem: You don’t need a bra, but you want to hide the headlights.

Solution: One advantage of being small breasted is that I can get away with wearing NO bra with certain tops and sundresses.  But I certainly don’t want my headlights popping through!  Silicone nipple covers are a perfect solution.  You stick them on like pasties and cover just the nipple and areola.  They lie smooth under the lightest tops.  I felt so liberated wearing these!  Two brands to try: Bristols Six, which has an exclusive ultra-thin INVISIFEEL matte silicone for extra smooth coverage and Sassynips by Sassybax-which is feather light and has a sweet flower petal shape that really stuck well to my skin.

Bristols Six Nippies/Skin (picture at top of post), $24.00. Click here to purchase.

Sassybax Sassynips (picture top, at center), $18.00. Click here to purchase.

Problem: You are fine with your breast size, you just want a little lift for added Va-Va-Voom.

Solution: The Overbra.  You still wear your own bra, but the Overbra lies right under your breasts and lifts to bring them “up”. . . to where they were before you had kids.  It acts as a push up to any bra!  It comes in a variety of styles and colors.  Perfect for a special occasion dress, or any day you need a lift. Overbra, $25.00. Click here to purchase.

Problem: You want some added volume to your chest to fill out your tops sans surgery!

Solution: Silicone breast inserts.  They look like chicken cutlets which you stick in your bra.  They mold to your skin, even get warm to the touch, are lightweight and add a whole cup size.  In my former days of being an actress I used to wear these on all my auditions to give me a little more “oomph.”  These by Sassymax are great because they are a much lighter weight than the ones I used in the old days.  They look amazingly real, no one would ever know you really weren’t really that size until, of course, you get undressed! Sassybax Sassymax Add-A-Cup Bra Insert Accessory, $44.99. Click here to purchase.

Problem: You bought a dress to rival J.Lo’s green one she wore on the red carpet with P. Diddy (or was he Puff Daddy back then?).  HOW, you might ask, did she keep that dress in place without being completely exposed with one slight move?

Solution: Clothing tape.  I tried Bristols Six stylin’ tape- they give you a variety of sizes so you can pick which size tape works best.  THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT!  It is very thin, double sided tape made specifically to lie between your skin and material.  I took the one blouse that ALWAYS bothers me when I wear it because I am constantly pulling it up and looking down to make sure I am not exposing myself, put this tape on the edge of the top and then stuck it onto me.  I wore it the WHOLE day; grocery shopping, at the park with my three year old, carrying science equipment into my daughter’s science class, made dinner and it NEVER budged!!!  I am telling you, this will give you so much peace of mind in wearing that low-cut dress.  Clothing tape is worth its weight in gold. Bristols 6 Stylin’ Tape, $10.00. Click here to purchase.

Now go out, there and flaunt what you got!!!

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