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Ever wake up and get dressed, only to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Is this out of style?” Or, “Does this look funny?” These thoughts cross my mind all the time, but lucky for me, I’m friends with style wizard, Vanessa, making it easy for me to question my fashion looks when I see her. Fortunately for you, you’ll be able to do the same. Starting now,Vanessa’s monthly fashion piece will be about your questions–think Dear Abbie in the fashion form. So next time your wondering if THAT goes with THAT, send it on in, we’ll let you know.

And now, for today’s reader questions. . .

Are velour sweatsuits out?
They are out.  They were all the rage for years and years and I am sure that most of you that have one (or two, or three!) and have had it for quite some time.  Although they are out, an option for you would be to go for a more “yoga” type of suit, think “lounge-wear.” They have the comfort of the sweatsuit, and are soft, cozy and modern!  Gap Body has a great selection to choose from (such as the one pictured at left). Click on photo for purchasing information.

The shoe in question for Breezy Mama Kelly. Yes! she can wear these with tights.

Is it en vogue to wear tights with sandals?
Only a couple of years ago, the answer would have been a definite “No!”, but today, fashion has a lot less rules and a lot more room to play.  Yes, you can wear tights with sandals- black tights is the current trend.  Just please don’t wear your reinforced toed tights–leave those for your close-toed shoes!

Are gladiator sandals going to be in again this spring?
Yes, they are.  The trend being shown have a little bit of a mix-and-match style with an ankle strap (or two) and lots of details like studs, eyelets, different colored straps, etc. Check these out (click on photos at top for purchasing) at for a glimpse at the most recent gladiator sandals for Spring 2011…

Ask Vanessa! Send us your questions for Vanessa to answer. Either comment below or send Alex a email: We’ll feature your question in an upcoming Ask Vanessa! post.

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About Vanessa Corbett of Revamp Your Style: With a degree in textiles and merchandise management, Vanessa’s fashion career started with four years of retail management, where she then moved on to her true passion–buying. She worked as a buyer for five years in the action sports industry with such companies as Volcom and the Tilly’s chain of retail stores. Vanessa’s love of clothing, accessories, shopping, and people have led her into her current exciting adventure–being a personal stylist. She helps moms find their inner style and brings it out by going through their closets and reconfiguring outfits as well as being their personal shopper. Not only does she do this for moms, but she can do it for their children as well. Interested? You can email Vanessa directly at:

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  1. Thanks Vanessa! Guess my Juicy sweatsuit is being donated to Goodwill! I am so excited to be able to ask these questions to a fashion expert as I am always wondering if my outfit is current or not! Vanessa, could I have your personal email and cell number? JUST KIDDING!

  2. Nice, Vanessa! Thank you for reiterating to our fellow mommies that, yes, velour sweatsuits (and all other forms of it) are out. 🙂

  3. So long, Juicy tracksuit – it’s been a great run. 🙂 Sigh…glad I had a trip to the mall planned for today!

  4. Are high-heeled slides in or out? It seems like I’m not seeing them as much as before.

  5. Thanks for asking Jeanette! We’ll get back to you in a future post.

  6. OMG juciy sweat outfits are out! Thank goodness for Vanessa. I have to say this fashion news makes me happy and sad. Happy because Juicy sweat outfits were clearly never in my budget. But, sad because the ones I own are oh so cozy. I guess now I can wear them to bed.

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