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Emily--December of 2009.

For those of you who have been long time Breezy Mama readers, you may know that my daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (a deadly form of pediatric cancer) in September of 2009. Luckily, she never had to undergo chemotherapy, and today she is a healthy and vivacious two year-old, all thanks to neuroblastoma research. You see, her treatment could have gone two ways–one side wanted to give her intensive chemotherapy, and the other side had been a part of numerous neuroblastoma studies and knew that with Emily’s tumor histology, she would be okay with one more surgery and a “watch and wait” program. That’s what we went with, and today, she’s been “cancer free” since January 2010.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Because there’s a fund called Lunch for a Cure where donations made go straight to neuroblastoma research. The same research that told Emily’s oncologist that she’d be okay without chemotherapy. All they ask of you is to donate whatever you’d spend on one day’s lunch money–$5.00 is a reasonable amount. And this December,  money raised by Lunch for a Cure will support NANT, which stands for New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy, a group of 16 centers in the United States and Canada who perform trials of new therapies for children with neuroblastoma, with the lead center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. (The same hospital where Emily’s currently being seen and where her wonderful oncologist is located.)

Interested? Click here to make a donation. And thank you in advance!

Emily, today. Christmas will be a bit merrier this year.

From Lunch for a Cure:

Lunch for a Cure® is about helping children who have been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a deadly form of cancer that strikes thousands of infants and toddlers each year.

This fundraising program is a simple but powerful solution: We ask people to donate one day’s lunch money to the Neuroblastoma Foundation, a public charity dedicated to curing this cancer.

The cost of one lunch, if enough people contribute, will help save lives, fund research for a cure and provide support for families. Please donate your lunch money to the Neuroblastoma Foundation and help us eradicate this disease.

Click here to make a donation!

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  1. Thanks, Alex. I just bought their cookbook. What a great cause!

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