Having My Twins

There I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins. Never did I expect my pregnancy to go so long. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. I’d say it hurt to sleep, but I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t. At this point I had heard many birth stories: “I had my twins at 35 weeks!” “My water broke at 36!” “I went in for my 37 week appointment and they said I need to have these twins today!” “My fluids were low and next thing I knew I was delivering!”

With all this in the back of my mind at Every. Single. Appointment. I was waiting to hear my: It’s got to be today!

After waddling in for my umpteenth amniotic fluid check, once again, all was fine. These babies were hanging in there, albeit still breech so that meant I did have a C-Section appointment… in 5 days. Sounds like nothing unless you have been 38 pregnant with twins… then you know how grueling each day can be.

Don’t get me wrong – I know how very lucky I am to have twins go full term. Each week I made it was a huge relief… it’s just that this was now 38 and these babies had no plans to budge.

But then IT happened.

No, not my water; not contractions… just me trying to get up from the exam table. I huffed, I puffed, I tried rocking side to side… I couldn’t get up. My beloved Dr. Gafori grabbed my arm and tried to help. We couldn’t get me up. Finally, I was hoisted with all her strength and mine and she paused… then asked, “Do you want me to see if we can make your C-Section appointment sooner?”

This was a Friday and we changed it from Wednesday to Monday. She made me promise to take it easy over the weekend because she had a baby shower and would be out of town and wanted to be the one to deliver them. I love her.

Pumped with adrenaline, I forgot that Friday how bad I felt. By Saturday, I was remembering and it wasn’t fun. I only had to make it to Monday, and sure enough Monday came.

The C-Section
Our super heroes Grandpa Mark and Grandma Judyth arrived from a 9 hour drive to come stay with our other three children for the duration of our hospital stay (brave, brave people) and my STARVING self (last meal I was allowed was 11 hours earlier, Dr’s orders pre-surgery) and the hubby headed to the hospital. Generally, when about to bring human life into the world, I am a ball of nerves but this being my first C-section, I was scared. Real scared. As I was about to be wheeled in to the operating room, Dr. Gafori gave me a reassuring kiss on the cheek and said, “I’ll see you in a minute.” Naturally, this sweet gesture put me somewhat at ease, all things considered.

The hubby had to wait outside the operating room initially … I knew this wouldn’t go over well with him. We’ve never been separated as we anticipate our kid’s arrival. Sure enough, Dr. Gafori came into the room and said, “Eli isn’t looking so good out there.”

Soon  we were reunited and holding hands. Aside from that warmth, the whole concept of the C-Section is so cold to me; I just laid there with only a view of a blue sheet as people are clearly very busy on the other side of it. As Alex and I have talked about, if you have only had a C-Section, you love it. If you’ve delivered vaginally THEN had a C-Section, you hate it. I fell in THAT group.

Nonetheless, it was very quick when all of a sudden I heard that sound that you wait 9 whole months for: The cry of my child… sweet, sweet music to my ears and I immediately welled up with tears. I got a brief peek, but otherwise had to rely on the expressions of the hubby’s face… which were mainly shock.

Our beloved Dr. Gafori

Less than a minute later, out came the other, with another quick peek and then me just staring at the ceiling, listening to all that was going on. Finally, FINALLY the first baby was handed to me; then the second. It was amazing but slightly awkward because I didn’t have much use of my arms when – POOF – they were whisked away again.

The hubby left with the nurses and twins (both our preference that he stay with them), as I laid there listening to everyone discuss their Thanksgiving plans while they did their business to put my body back together. Next,  my hospital bed was wheeled back to the recovery room. Again, having given birth three other times previously vaginally, this was all so awkward for me. Um, where are my babies?!

After what seemed like an eternity, they soon came in one after the other. Alex had sent me an article about the importance of skin-to-skin contact after a C-Section, so I immediately made sure we were touching skin… and what a magical feeling that was.

Happy to be home.

I feel incredibly lucky. Having not one, but two new people to love has been amazing. Granted, the first two weeks at home have been a rough roller coaster ride (more on that another day) as we adjust to no sleep and our new family of seven, but our friends, family and preschool have kept us well fed and our “big” kids very entertained. In fact, I don’t know how we could get by without them!

As we sat around the dinner table the other night eating yet another delicious dinner friends brought, each of us holding babies and surrounded by our other children, the hubby said, “Our cup runneth over.” It couldn’t be more true. Thank you to everyone who has helped us through the end of my pregnancy and on our new journey. We love you all!

And I am SO HAPPY to not be pregnant.

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  1. Deanna Sena says

    Congratulations on your newest additions!!! My twins were #’s 3 &4…..and you have 5 total….wow, I thought I had it hard! My twins, (boy & girl) are now 19 months old….and as I remember how hard it was when they first came home….sometimes I wish I could go back to those moments, just for a week or two, and try to take it all in again…..as crazy and difficult as it was, it went by so fast, and I miss those sweet little babies. It will get easier, but then it gets hard again. Once they started walking (in our case it was 15 months for both the twins) it was a whole new hard! But I wouldn’t change a thing! God bless your family! and welcome to mommy of multiples club!!!!!

  2. stacey Leland says

    Chelsea and Eli,

    Congratulations! I couldn’t tear myself away from your story. Eli’s last comment, “our cup runneth over”, warmed my heart. You are all beautiful and I am so happy for you.


    (Ayla’s Mom)

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful family!!!

  4. Many congrats once again, Chelsea & Eli!! I can only imagine how incredibly relieved you are to have those girls here. They are so beautiful and your familial cup indeed doth runneth over. 🙂 I hear you about the c-section process – it wasn’t my favorite of the two methods either but the end result is still as sweet. I’m on deck for dinner again next week…I’m taking requests! 🙂

  5. Congrats! I too have boy/girl twins who are now one! Our family looks pretty much just like yours! Our twins were #4 and 5 too! My oldest is 7 now but when the twins came I had a 6, 4, and 2.5 year old. I also had a c-section as baby A was breech. It was my 2nd section but I still fall into that I hate it group too. It is so much fun raising twins, busy but very fun!

  6. Congratulations!!! That’s such a precious photo of the twins – How they are snuggled together. Glad everyone is home and healthy! Have a blessed and wonderful holiday!!

  7. Grandma Sharon says

    Happy tears!

  8. Such a beautiful and honest article about your new beautiful twin daughters. I was from a family of 7 and it was the best childhood ever!!! They are so lucky to have you and Eli as parents! Happy Holidays sweet family!

  9. i’m bawling…happy tears!!! thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your beautiful twins!!! eli said it best…your cup runneth over…with so so so so much love!! xoxox

  10. p.s. also from a family of 7…5 kids is soooo much fun…for the kids! ha ha

  11. Been thinking about you non-stop. Congrats!! I can’t wait til it’s my turn to see you!

  12. Deanna — I’m with you! I keep telling myself, no matter how hard, remember to take in every moment because I know I will miss these days! So funny how that works!

    Stacey & Rachel — thank you!

    Kathy — My mouth is watering just thinking about your next meal delivery! You are the greatest!!! Whatever you are up for making, I’m sure we will love.

    Alyssa — that is my exact same ages of my kids! WOW! I know one other family who had a 4th pregnancy be twins and now you are the second!

    Michelle — thank you! I just love that photo, too!

    Grandma Sharon — can’t wait for you to see them again soon 🙂

    Maya — You really helped me get through that ending complete with a decaf PANNIKIN mocha deliery… you are the greatest!

    Tara — I forgot you are from a family of 5! Okay — between you and Maya, now I know how great the kids of families of 5 can turn out 🙂

    Victoria — Joe made Eli’s night last night! Eli was in the best mood and needed that. Looking very forward to your turn, too!

  13. Chelsea! Congratulations!!! So glad you are all healthy and home, albeit ridiculously sleep-deprived. 🙂 Wishing you ALL the most wonderful holiday season.

    Many cheers,



  15. Congratulations!! Reading your article brought tears to my eyes. They are beautiful!!

  16. Chels,
    Thanks for sharing your story, and for your honesty. I am so glad you are not pregnant anymore and that you get to enjoy all your hard work. I get emotional whenever I think about those two little beans that you get to cuddle and the strong bond that they will always have with each other. I can’t wait to see you and miss you so much. Hope to see you soon.

  17. Congratulations Chelsea!!!!!! You are amazing!

  18. What a wonderful, fun story to read! I am SO proud of you, my friend who has brought FIVE amazing children into this world! I am so excited to meet the twins and give you a big hug on a job well done. NO MORE PREGNANCY! Yay! Now, we need Eli to write a story on vasectomies???

  19. Sara & Kimberly — Thank you 🙂 And Happy Holidays!

    Danica — Can’t wait for you to meet them, too, and to have playdates with your new bundle of joy… who I can’t wait to hold!!

    Ginny — you are amazing!!!

    Kelly — thank you! And Happy Birthday 🙂 Can’t wait to celebrate you (and not be pregnant while doing so -lol). As for Eli on his vasectomy, see his comments on this post:

  20. Lynne Toerne Herb says

    Fasten your seat belts,sit back,relax and enjoy the ride. Although,judging from the blog and the photos you are already well on the road to “peace,love and happiness” as my grandaughter,Reva,would say. Congratulations on the abundant blessings in your life!

  21. I love it!!! I don’t know how you wrote this under the circumstances, but it was so personal and enjoyable to read.

    With love,

    Heidi Ferrer

  22. Jen Stevens says

    Such a beautiful story! I am totally crying. I love all the pictures. Congratulations!!

  23. Rick Stone says

    Congratulations to both of you. They are beautiful and I’m sure will bring you much joy. I enjoyed your blog too. Take care. Rick

  24. How precious you are… We would love to take Stella after school any day and send her home with dinner for the family. Miss you – Great story. XO, Roz

  25. Hi friend! You are such a inspiration! I have been thinking about you all and wishing you happy holidays. BTW I got 2 Christmas cards from you! HA HA. One one day and the other 2 days later. Som and I laughed. XOXOXO Kristi

  26. This post needs a NSFW warning. Making me well up at work. Miss you Guys but will see you soon.
    Uncle Josh

  27. Lynne — thank you! Great advice

    Heidi — I was typing as fast as I could -lol!

    Jen — Thank you!

    Uncle Rick — can’t wait for you to meet them!

    Roz — You are so sweet and I will definitely take you up on it!

    Kristi – Love it! I wonder how many people I sent two cards, too. That speaks volumes to my state of mind these days -lol

    Uncle Josh — we miss you so much!!! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  28. breezymamajill says

    beautiful family bestie!

  29. Many congrats to your beautiful family Chelsea! Loved the story…you and Eli are an inspriation. Keep up your great attitude during this crazy time and we hope to see you soon. xoxo,
    Cyndi (Ella too!)

  30. What lucky babies to have you as their mom. I was so touched by your beautiful and honest birth story. I couldn’t love you more

  31. Jill — thank you bestie 🙂
    Cyndi — thank you and hope to see you soon, too!
    Sylvia — you are my idol! Love that I joined your mom of 5 club and I love YOU!

  32. FINALLY! After weeks of trying to link to this, I was able to access it! I think it was a java issue that IT fixed. I can’t wait to meet these babies and to see you Chelsea. Morgan is super sick right now so we definitely need some time to make sure we are all healthy. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and look forward to new pictures when you have a sec….if you have a sec.
    Love you!


  33. Yep, missed this one. So beautiful. still looking for names.

    And I love Our cup runneth over. So perfect and true. That’s the feeling that comes with each and every baby born. I can only imagine the joy with 2 at the same time.

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