6 Stocking Stuffers for Under $10.00

In my family, stocking stuffers are a big thing. They have to be under $10.00, and the more creative and inexpensive, the better! Here are six to choose from for your family’s stockings.

EZ Sox

Having my son put on his socks has been a dreaded morning chore. He can’t seem to do it on his own and he complains like no other if the toe stitching is not exactly right. So when I was given the chance to test out EZ Sox, I didn’t hesitate. There’s no stitching on the toe, and the animal face on the front tells your child which way is up. Finally, the easy pull loops on the top make it easy for them to just pull it up onto their foot. Putting on socks is a dreaded chore no longer! EZ Sox, $4.95. Click here to purchase.


Want to go Retro with your daughter? Give her Flatsy, “She’s flat, and that’s that!” Small enough to take anywhere and flexible enough to stretch the wildest of imaginations, Flatsy, that beloved bendable from the 1960s, is back and ready for fun. Pose her, dress her, style her hair-you’ll never run out of things to do with this cute little companion. Flatsy, $7.96. Click here to purchase.

Philippe’s Mustard

Philippe’s in Los Angeles is a legendary restaurant where the French Dip sandwich was created. They make their own mustard, and have squirt bottles filled with it on the tables, which I used over and over again. Love at first bite. Bring some history home with this gift. Philippe’s Mustard, $5.00. Click here to purchase.

Global Babies Book

Tea Collection Clothing Tea sells these Global Fund for Children (GFC) books since GFC is Tea’s charitable partner. This “babies” book is too cute. Familiarize little ones with the friendly faces of their peers, with this distinctive board book of full-color portraits of babies from around the world. Global Babies Book, $6.95. Click here to purchase.

Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

For the cook in your family, these mini “pinch” bowls are a must. Perfect for pre-measuring herbs and spices, or for holding condiments, they will get lots of use in the kitchen. Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls, $6.09 (for set of four). Click here to purchase.

Little Twig Tangerine Shampoo

During the holidays, you need one LESS thing to think about, which is why Little Twig is perfect. Chemical free with no harsh ingredients, you can rest assured that you’re cleansing the kiddos skin in the gentlest way possible. Little Twig Tangerine Shampoo, $7.58, Click here to purchase.

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