The Vasectomy

To say that my hubby and I feel lucky to soon be welcoming another two children into our lives would be an extreme understatement. Sounds crazy since it’s our fourth and fifth babies in the last seven years, but there are very few people that will tell you we’re sane (kidding… kind of). But let’s be honest: this pregnancy was a huge surprise… twins made it hilarious. And once the intense nausea of a double load hit me, I was dead set that this will be the first and last happy surprise that I would like to experience.

Enter the vasectomy.

In fact, after calling the fam to let them know about our expectancy, the next call I made was to get the number of a Urologist that had “fixed” a couple of my friend’s hubbys. The next call after that was the appointment line, but I decided that they may not let a wife book it and so I gave my man the number.

Every. Day. I followed up with him: Did you make the call? “I haven’t been able to get through,” he’d answer sheepishly. Two weeks of this, I finally snapped, “You get a hold of people for a living! I find it hard to believe you can’t get a hold of a Dr’s office.”

And that was the straw that got the appointment made.

The truth is, “we” had been meaning to get this done over the past year and, in an effort to get him to feel more comfortable with the idea, we would talk to other fathers – friends of ours – that had IT done.

Even when this seemed like it would turn out well, it never did. My favorite of course was one party where we were talking to a friend of a friend who said, “It was no big deal at all. I was in and out. The puff of smoke freaked me out, but other than that…”


And then there was the secret none of us moms would ever repeat: The friend whose hubby had gotten an infection and ended up in the ER. True, he did not rest as was advised, but there was an army of us mothers that BEGGED our girlfriend to NEVER let that story get back to the father of our children.

Oh, and then there was yet another friend who said their doctor forgot to numb THE area on her husband… UMMMM… (Hint: Make sure to pick a Dr with excellent references).

Truth be told, once “we” had our appointment, I was far more nervous than my hubby and that’s saying A LOT.

Ours is definitely the story to share though, especially because while I was sweating it out in the waiting room, the hubby came out after his vasectomy was finished, um, laughing.

Well, okay, I thought. Granted, yes he definitely experienced discomfort the week that followed, but, as he’s often had to hear me say, “That’s nothing compared to childbirth.”

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  1. As the local poster child for “don’t lag on getting a vasectomy” I feel I should say a few things:
    1. Getting a vasectomy is not a good time, but the worst part is not getting to complain about it because of the comparison to childbirth. Completely understandable, but it would be nice to get one day of complaining or something.
    2. Here’s a tip: request that there be no observers during the procedure. There was a room full of people for mine like in a bad dream.
    3. I explained to my 4 year old son afterward that I had an operation and that he had to be very careful not to jump on my nether region. After a couple weeks he asked if I was feeling better and I said, “Yes, much better.” He then asked, “Can I jump on your balls now?” I will always have that.

    – BreezyPapa


  1. […] it’s having 3 kids and two newborns that had me thinking about this topic. All kidding aside, my hubby has had a vasectomy AND I have had my tubes tied (you can never be too sure… kidding… kind of…), but […]

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