6 Sexy & Cozy Pajamas for YOU

Let’s be honest: when my sister-in-law Kiki receives this topic in her email in-box, she’s going to laugh out loud over the fact that I would suggest PJ’s. When she visited last year, she had tears in her eyes from hysterics over my night time wear and even took pictures. And then there’s my neighbors. One day I ended up in quite the quandary. I had yet to meet their newborn and they stopped by our house and were out front with their tiny little girl! However, I was in my ugliest PJ’s you can imagine. After wondering if sacrificing my pride was worth seeing a newborn — it was a no brainer and I went running outside of the house. Of course other people I know happened to drive by as I stood there in pure tacky (but comfy) attire. So, Breezy Mama turned to our Queen of the Caboodle Kelly who is known for her keen fashion sense (you should have seen the to-die-for studded belt she recently gave Alex for her birthday!) to get her picks for pajamas that won’t traumatize your neighborhood… or sister-in-law…

From Kelly:

I am going to make a confession.   I am guilty about breaking my most sacred of sacred wedding vows to my husband: Never to wear sweats to bed.  I don’t know how or when I started to slip away from those slinky, silky little numbers I used to wear to bed, but over the years my bedroom attire has gone from saying,”come hither” to saying, “I just want to read my Real Simple Magazine, put on my smelly face cream and call it a night!”

Out of the blue my good friends Alex and Chelsea approached me to do an article about cute pajamas to cozy up in for Fall (did my husband put you guys up to this?).  I decided it was my duty as a friend and as a wife to take on the assignment.  Although these fabulous finds don’t have the “Wow Factor” as my old pajamas used to, these picks are cozy but still feminine and cute enough to run out to the front driveway to grab the morning paper without scaring the neighbors!

•    Josie “Lucy” PJ’s

$84.00 Nordstrom — click here.

•     Gilligan and O’Malley Cami and Crop set

$19.99 Target — click here.

•    Juicy Couture Heart Burnout Tee and Skinny velour PJ Pants

Tee is $58click here.; Pants (not shown) are $75click here.

•    The Sleepover Cotton PJ’s

$49.50 Victoria’s Secret — click here.

•    Natori Aphrodite PJ’s

$150.00 Natori — click here.

•    PJ Salvage Zebra Dreams Tank and Zebra Dreams Pant

For the Zebra Dreams Tank $35.00click here. For Zebra Dreams Pant $45.00 (not shown) — click here.

•    Fireside Long John Pajama’s (as seen in photo at very top, too)

$49.50 Victoria’s Secret — click here.

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About Kelly
Growing up as an actress (appearing in several Barbie commercials, Charles in Charge, Highway to Heaven, Kids Incorporated, etc. and later in life in a Super Bowl commercial and a Ford commercial), Kelly was known as ‘Queen of the Caboodle’ for her ready-to-head -to-LA-for-an-audition tricks of the make-up trade.

Kelly is mother to Abigail, Marcus and Eli and lives with her husband Thadd in Long Beach, California. Although she is a beauty product junkie, you will most likely find her on any given day wearing no makeup, in her favorite pair of gray sweats, and yes, sporting a ponytail.

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  1. Grandma Sharon says

    How about a cute robe? I really do not think one exists on the planet! Something warm for the cold Santa Cruz mornings….

  2. You’re so cute Chelsea!!! I LOVE this. I am obsessed with cute p.j.’s however find my ugliest sweats and husbands old stained white tanks to wear to bed. Why do I do this when I could be dressed so cute?! I always worry about neighbors driving by and seeing me when I’m infront or people stopping in , too! Duh…..I have a giftcard to Nordy’s and you’ve inspired me to buy a cute pair of p.j.’s with it!! XO

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